Podcast Growth – A Book About Growing Your Podcast Audience

Building an audience is tough! Do you work hard to create the best possible content for your target audience? Do you continually wonder why your download numbers remain so flat and… unspectacular?

It has always been a challenge to grow a sizable and dedicated audience around content creation. There's a lot more to it than saying, “build it and they will come”. And, as new podcasts are launched each day, the space will only continue to get noisier. The competition gets stiffer.

Fortunately, you don't need to worry about all the other podcasts out there. You only need to worry about your own. In Podcast Growth, you'll have the ultimate manual for promoting your show, and growing your audience.

This book pulls together our favourite tips and tactics for podcast growth, based on over a decade of professional experience. We break them down into actionable strategies. You can work through them in order, or cherry-pick the ones that suit your content and brand the most.

If you want to grow your podcast audience, then this is the only book you need. So, let's grow!

You'll find details on timeframes, checklists, and recommended resources, to keep you moving forward. You'll see those download numbers begin to climb. Your long-awaited engagement will start to increase.

A Book Designed to Inspire Action

Widespread Growth

This book is split into 13 Chapters, each one focusing on a particular avenue of growth, from podcast advertising to organic social media.


Find tasks to suit any budget or time constraints, from quick wins to slow burns that'll reap rewards far into the future.

Actionable Tasks

Each chapter is broken down into tasks, that explain the Where, the Why, and the How.


We tell you how much time you'll need for each task, as well as what level your podcast should be at to get the most from it.


Use our free Podcast Growth Plan chart to organise your aims, set your goals, and track your progress.


Our step-by-step instructions walk you through each task.

Why This Book, By Us?

  • At The Podcast Host, we've been writing ‘how to podcast' content for the past decade.
  • One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is “how can I grow my podcast audience?”.
  • Many podcasters give up too quickly because they are frustrated by their lack of growth.
  • “I've tried everything to grow my audience” is an often-repeated phrase we hear.
  • There's no one single silver bullet strategy for growing an audience around your content – it's all about stacking conditions in your favour.
  • This book contains over 80 actionable strategies for growing your podcast – each broken down into easy to digest chunks.
  • This book is the ultimate manual for creating your own unique podcast growth strategy.

Here's the full list of chapters you'll find inside Podcast Growth:

By all means, read the book cover to cover – we hope you do. But, you can just as easily open it up at the chapter that looks the most appealing to you, and start from there. 

With each growth strategy you commit to, be sure to give it the time and attention it needs to be successful. Better to do fewer things well, than to do loads of things in a half-hearted manner. 

  1. Enabling Your Existing Audience
  2. Growing Your Audience By Knowing Your Audience
  3. Running Live Events
  4. Being Found Easily
  5. Podcast Directories
  6. Online Communities
  7. Helping Yourself By Helping Others
  8. Attending Live Events
  9. New Visibility
  10. Advertising Your Podcast
  11. Guerrilla Marketing & Merchandise
  12. Growth Through Repurposing
  13. Organic Social Media

What Our Clients Say

We've helped thousands of people to grow their own thriving podcasts. Will you be next?

Ken Cheadle

“The Adverse Effect” podcast

The Podcast Host has been a great guide for me and my journey into podcasting. When I was first starting out, I wasn’t sure what or how to do anything, so I asked Google for help and countless free articles relating to “how to’s” and “best practices” popped up from The Podcast Host. That's where it all began. I was so excited about all of the quality information I received, from equipment, to growing your audience, and so much for free! These guys are tried and tested in this field so you can skip some potential mistakes you would make on this journey. They’ve already been there done that, and are here for you and your benefit!

Conor Reid

“Words To That Effect” podcast

I joined The Podcast Host's Academy a few months after starting my first podcast, having listened to the entire back catalogue of their invaluable Podcraft podcast. I had the basics down but was looking for support and guidance on all the usual things – editing, promotion, equipment – as well as a community of like-minded podcasters. With The Podcast Host, I got all of that and more. I would recommend The Podcast Host to anyone starting out or looking to take their show to the next level.

Ashley Renwick

“Waldorfy” podcast

I can not begin to express how much The Podcast Host has helped me both launch and grow my show.

When I set out to start my podcast, all I had was the passion for what I wanted to talk about. I knew I wanted to launch a podcast because of how accessible they are to a large audience, but I had no idea where to start.

Thanks to the credibility my show has brought me in my industry, I've now been able to more than quadruple my social media following. This has opened up all sorts of opportunities I'm looking forward to pursuing. If you're like me, have a passion, and want to have a smooth launch and steady show growth, I strongly recommend The Podcast Host.

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