Audacity Podcast Production Course: Audio Editing for Podcasters

Audacity Podcast Production Course

Audacity Podcast Production Course: Audio Editing for Podcasters & Audio Producers

From Novice to Pro

A course designed not only to get you started, but to delve deep into audio editing.

Produce Amazing Audio

Learn the tools, tricks & techniques to craft smooth, professional audio, every time.

Actionable, Creating Success

Not just video, but written summaries & actionable tasks, leading to more success.

What We Cover

Chapter 1: Getting Started

– Downloading and Installing Audacity
– Importing and Playing Audio
– Recording Audio

– Setting Microphone to Record
– Setting Recording Volume Levels

– Introduction to Audio Editing
– Saving Your Work
– Audio Files: What's the Difference Between…

– Wav & MP3?
– Stereo & Mono?

Chapter 2: Editing Tools

– The Selection Tool
– The Zoom Tool
– The Envelope Tool
– The Time Shift Tool
– The Draw Tool
– The Multi Tool

Chapter 3: Improver Production Skills

– Production Tips & Tricks | Introduction
– Copy, Paste, & Duplicate Audio
– Noise Reduction
– Previewing Your Edit & Zero Crossing

– Previewing Your Edit
– Zero Crossing

– The Fade In Fade Out Effect
– EQ – Taking Out Mic Pops & Wind Noise

Chapter 4: Multitracking & Music
  • Multitracking & Music | Introduction
  • Building Your Episode
    • Multitracking
    • Splitting & Joining Tracks
  • Using Music In Your Episode
    • Auto Ducking Music Underneath Speech
    • Fading Your Intro & Outro Music
  • Stereo Panning
Chapter 5: Bits, Rates & Bobs
  • Bits, Rates & Bobs | Introduction
  • What ‘Sample Rate' to Select?
  • What ‘Bit Depth' to Select?
  • What ‘Bit Rate' to Select?
Chapter 6: Volume Levels & Loudness
  • Volume Levels & Loudness | Introduction
  • What Is Clipping & Peaking?
  • What Is ‘Limiting'?
    • Limit & Normalise
  • The Gain Slider
  • Compression
    • Introduction to Compression
    • The Leveller
    • A Deeper Look at Compression
  • Making Your Episode ‘Loud Enough'
Chapter 7. The Finishing Touches
  • The Finishing Touches | Introduction
  • The LAME MP3 Encoder – Creating MP3s in Audacity
    • Installing LAME Encoder
    • Export an MP3 With LAME
  • Exporting Your Audio in Mono
  • Creating MP3s in iTunes
  • Adding Cover Art & ID3 Tags With iTunes

Course Tutor

Matthew McLean

Matthew McLean

Head of Audio Production

Matthew is the head of audio production at The Podcast Host, taking care of both client podcasts and our own shows alike. He also produces audio dramas galore, and talks enthusiastically about them on the Audio Drama Production podcast every week.

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