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  • 50+ minutes video tutorials
  • 6 actionable tasks
  • 26 in-depth lessons
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Colin Gray

Taught by 

Colin Gray

CEO of The Podcast Host

Colin is the founder of both The Podcast Host and and has been writing, podcasting & broadcasting about podcasting for over 10 years.

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Planning Your Podcast

Designed to get your show out into the world in the best possible way.

This is the first in our Launch series, designed to get your show out into the world in the best possible way.

In short, you'll learn:

  • Planning a Successful Show

    So many forget this, & that means planning for failure. We'll guide you on how to design a show for success.

Course outline

Lessons in this Course

Video: Welcome to the Course (2:52)

What's a Podcast?
Video: Getting to Know the Medium (2:18)
Video: Your Tasks (1:57)

Why Podcasting?
Video: The Power of Audio (7:19)
Video: Your Tasks (1:31)

Podcast Strategy
Text: Introduction
Video: The Need For a Strategy (3:54)
Video: Setting Your Aims (2:51)
Video: Defining Your Audience (3:46)
Video: How Will You Help? (2:52)
Text: Conclusion

Podcast Formats
Video: Choosing Your Show Format (6:27)
Text: The Solo Show
Text: The Interview Show
Text: The Co-Hosted Show
Text: The Roundtable
Text: The Documentary
Text: Mixed Format
Text: How Long Should Your Episodes Be?
Text: How Often Should You Release New Episodes?
Text: Finding Interview Guests
Video: Your Tasks (1:56)

Naming Your Podcast
Video: Introduction (0:24)
Video: Do Your Research – Video (1:07)
Video: Creative Podcast Names – Video (0:58)
Video: Descriptive Podcast Names – Video (0:44)
Video: Using Your Own Name – Video (0:44)
Video: Summary & Tasks – Video (0:52)
Video: Apple/iTunes & “Keyword Spamming – Video (2:18)

Scripting Your Podcast
Text: Scripting Your Podcast
Video: Scripting Options – Video (6:15)
Video: Your Tasks (0:49)
Text: What Next?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

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My experience with ThePodCastHost made my podcast launch possible. I overcame a lot of my fears early on. I highly recommend The PodCast Host to anyone. I owe The PodCast Host a tremendous debt of gratitude.

The Digital Wealth Digest Podcast
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I only have great things to say about The Podcast Host. Not only in the quality of their production work, but also with their knowledge and insights around technology, equipment & advice in podcasting.

Richard Brown
Director, The Property Voice
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Colin is the man when it comes to helping you launch a podcast or improving your podcasting skills. The online courses were invaluable and his advice along the way superb.

Andrew Hart
Financial Advisor, The Voyantist
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Colin and his team have been a massive help in setting up our series of podcasts. My colleagues and I went into the world of podcasting knowing nothing. However with Colin's support, it turned a really legal podcast into something fresh and exciting.

Simon Allison
Partner & Specialist in Employment Law, Blackadders LLP
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As someone who literally had no idea how Lo go about starting a podcast am so glad found Colin! If I hadn't signed up for the Producer Package then I know I would have become completely overwhelmed and would never have managed to bring my podcasting plans to fruition. I'm going to be honest and say that I worried about the monthly cost but I can safely say that it is indeed money well spent. The time I have saved trying to learn to do all of the things that Colin took off my hands has been spent creating good content and building my platform. Colin and the team have a great system going. Everything is streamlined and easy and [the team are] there as mentor throughout. If you want to concentrate on creating great content for your show, hire the Podcast Host to worry about everything else!"

Julie Christie
Julie Christie Photography
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Despite my 30 years of experience in programme-making, Colin and his team's insight into what makes : podcast compelling is invaluable. I would strongly advise any first-time podcaster to bring The Podcast Host on board as your podcast coach, partner and safety net. Both he and Matthew were calm, reassuring and had endless patience whenever I stumbled and got me back up and running quickly, with even more knowledge as a bonus. I honestly wouldn't make a podcast without them and I'd strongly suggest, neither should you!

Jackie Brambles
CEO, Broadstance Media

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