Our Professional Podcast Growth Service

By One of the Top Podcast Consulting Companies in the Industry

Our Podcast Growth Package is designed for you if you've already launched your show. If you've yet to launch, check out our Podcast Launch Package.

Is the Podcast Growth Package for me?

If any of the following strikes a chord with you, then yes!

  • You're frustrated with low download numbers and lack of engagement
  • You feel like the podcast isn't growing
  • You want to build your audience, and expand your reach
  • You want feedback and advice on your content, to make sure you're on the right track
  • You want to optimise your podcast for growth, and make sure nothing is holding you back
  • You think that podcasting might not be worth it after all, and you've considered quitting
  • You prefer to work with someone on a one-to-one basis
  • You want a unique, tailored Growth Action Plan created for your podcast


The Podcast Growth Package is a 3 week programme of training and support. It also includes a year long subscription to all of our courses in the Podcast Host Academy, to help you grow long term.

The training and support includes;

Two Personalised One-Hour Coaching Calls

In the first one, we'll find out all about you, your podcast, your aims, motivations, and ambitions. This enables us to give you the unique help and advice you need as you work towards your own personal goals.

In the second session, we'll talk through the personalised Growth Action Plan we've created for you. This plan will be drawn up based on our review of your content, as well as our initial chat where we learned about your ultimate aims.

Your Podcast, Reviewed by Us

In between our two sessions, we'll conduct a review of your content. Here, we'll be taking a look at things like

  • How you introduce and end your episodes – the opening and closing minutes of a podcast are absolutely vital
  • Your presentation style
  • Your audio quality
  • Your use of music and any other audio elements
  • Your episode titles and shownotes
  • Your podcast website and visual art

We'll review the opening and closing sections of 3 episodes of your choice. On top of that, you can ask for specific feedback on up to 3 minutes of the main body of each episode. Commonly, this will be to review things like audio quality and interview skills, as well as segues and transitions.

Your Own Personalised Growth Action Plan

Based on our initial chat and content review, we'll then draw up a personalised Growth Action Plan for you. This can include things like;

  • Tips, tactics, and techniques to put in place that will optimise you for growth
  • Content tweaks and adjustments
  • Recommended changes to your website, or visual branding


How Do the Coaching Sessions Work?

We’ll meet online, using Zoom.us.  We can answer all of the questions you have there, screen sharing to demonstrate techniques if needed. We have a standard syllabus we tend to go through, but it’ll be tailored to your own context, of course. You’ll always be free to query things and ask questions.

We use the Calendly booking tool, which enables you to choose available days/times that best suit you.


All of our Growth Package clients get access to our courses in The Podcast Host Academy for 1 year. We may point you towards training in the Academy to help with your skills growth.

Free to Our Clients
Normal Price: $440/£350



To recap, here’s what’s included in the Podcast Growth Package

  • 3 Week Podcast Growth Programme
  • Get your show reviewed by us
  • Two one-hour, one-to-one sessions with us
  • Your own personalised and tailored Growth Action Plan
  • FREE access to ALL courses in the Podcast Host Academy for 1 year

Pricing on other bespoke features and services are available on request. Contact us!