Podcasting in Academia: Getting Started Podcasting Workshop

Podcasting in Academia: Getting Started Podcasting Workshop


The definitive Podcasting Workshop. 1 Day to Design, Record and be Ready to Launch.

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Next Workshop: Monday 12th September, 2016

1pm – 3pm | University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

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Have you joined the world of Podcasting yet?

Right now, it's one of the fastest growing ways to connect with an audience, to motivate, to inspire, to educate. The concept is simple: you speak with passion on the topic that excites you, while an audience of subscribers consume that content in a time and place that suits them.

The key is the ease of consumption – your audience can listen while driving to work, walking the dog, cooking their dinner or running the treadmill. It fits around people's daily lives, rather than taking up more time.

In an educational setting, this works wonders. Podcasting can be used to inspire and develop staff, offering professional development that much more easily fits into a hectic academic schedule. It can be used to build community in both staff and students, offering campus news, information and personal stories.

It can also be used really effectively to support student learning. Podcasts can offer supplementary information, class summaries, student conversations and contributions, or even recorded lecture highlights.

What’s the Aim of The Workshop?

This 2 hour workshop will cover everything you need to get started in podcasting. That includes:

  • The equipment required to create a decent quality show
  • How to plan a podcast for success
  • The software required to simple and easy editing
  • The techniques you need to create the final show
  • The platforms required to make your show public
  • Different techniques for using podcasting in teaching
  • How to use podcasting to develop academic staff

Do I Get to Create?

Absolutely! This isn’t just theory – we’ll be getting active. I'll bring along some equipment and we can record some material during the workshop. I'll show you some basic editing techniques and we'll create a show on the day, demonstrating how easy it is to podcast.

Can I Buy Podcasting Equipment?

Yes. If you're looking to get set up with your podcast equipment, then we can arrange that ahead of time. Get in touch after you've made your booking, and we can talk through your requirements. You can find us at [email protected]

If you buy your kit in advance, I can teach you how to use it on the day.

Come along and start putting your real message out into the world!