Podcast Health Check: Get Your Show Reviewed

Podcast Health Check: Get Your Show Reviewed


Get your podcast reviewed by Colin and Matthew. Get feedback, tips, and advice as we help you optimise your content for growth!



Has podcasting left you feeling a bit “meh”, post-launch?

Have you been underwhelmed with your shows impact so far? Perhaps you're disappointed with your download numbers? Maybe they've totally plateaued and left you feeling frustrated?

If this sounds like you, why not book your show in your a Podcast Health Check?

This is our podcast review service that enables you to get feedback, hints, tips, and advice.

There are often a few low-hanging fruits for podcasters that'll help them optimise their shows for growth. When we review your podcast, we'll help you correct a few things, as well as highlighting what you're doing well so you can build on that.

How Does The Podcast Health Check work?

  • We'll send you a short list of questions prior to the review. This enables you to get the maximum benefit from it.
  • We'll take a listen to the opening and closing 2 minutes of an episode of your choice. These minutes are absolutely vital to the success and performance of your show.
  • We'll take a listen to 2 minutes of your main mid-episode content. You can signpost a specific section here, or we'll choose one at random.
  • We'll review your presentation style
  • Your audio quality
  • Your use of music and any other audio elements
  • Your episode titles and shownotes
  • Your podcast website and visual art
  • Maximum 2 week turnaround between signup and review

Any or all of these things can impact your podcast growth – for good or bad. The Podcast Health Check is a great way of making sure you're on the right track with it all!

Summary: What Will I Get?

  • You'll get the audio of Colin and Matthew listening to your show. You'll hear their first impressions, as they talk through the various points listed above.
  • You'll also get a unique and tailored report in PDF form. This will summarise our feedback, as well as provide tips, advice, and resources for you going forward.
  • You'll have the option to keep your review private, or have it played on our Podcast Health Check podcast, which can help you reach new listeners.