The Podcast Host Bootcamp: Podcasting Workshop

The Podcast Host Bootcamp: Podcasting Workshop


The definitive Podcasting Workshop. 1 Day to Design, Record and be Ready to Launch.

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Next Bootcamp: TBC, 2018

09.30 – 16.30 | Edinburgh, Scotland

Have you joined the world of Podcasting yet?

Right now, it's one of the fastest growing ways to market your business, and has a greater power to connect with your audience, your customers, than any other.

The concept is simple: you speak with passion on a topic that excites you, while an audience of subscribers consume that content on-demand in a really easy way. The medium leads to massive trust and credibility, and results in an army of fanatical fans for your brand.

Of course, that helps with your own aims – they buy more products, and they evangelise you to their own network.

What’s the Aim of The Bootcamp?

This 1day bootcamp is a one-stop-work-shop on Podcasting.

You’ll find out why you need to be using this medium, and learn everything you need to do to get started.

Not only that, we’ll show you how to design your show so that it has the best chance possible for success.

Do I Get to Create?

Absolutely! This isn’t just theory – we’ll be getting active. You’ll design your own show in the morning, and you’ll create it in the afternoon.

By the end of the day, you’ll have a complete plan for your first season, and you’ll have the skills to record, present and edit it. You’ll be working with every bit of the equipment and the software needed, and walk away as a confident podcasters.

Ok, Show me More

Here's the detail on what we’ll cover:

  • Why is Podcasting Effective for Business?
    This is all about WHY you NEED to be Podcasting right now.
  • Your Podcast Strategy – Finding your PAPA
    We'll go through the 4 Pillars of podcast strategy – Purpose, Audience, Promotion and Approach. At then end you'll have a design for your own show.
  • The Non-Techie Guide to Podcasting Equipment
    This includes a run-through of all the kit needed to create a podcast, from the most simple setup to more advanced methods. Don't worry, this is much easier than you think!
  • Audio Editing for Dummies
    A very simple, light introduction to editing, and when you need to use it. Hint: you can get away with very, very little!
  • Podcast Publishing Made Simple
    We'll show you how to get your podcast out into the world, from Podcasting Hosting platforms to the best directories.
  • Launch Promotion Strategy
    We’ll discuss a range of ways to promote your show, before and after launch, so you're ready to start attracting listeners.

Will I Actually Launch my Podcast?

We aim to have everything in place so that you could launch your show by the end of the day. So, yes, you can!

But, for the best possible launch, it can be a good idea to prime your audience. So, it may be that you'll simply have everything in place, and a plan to follow once you leave.

Let's be clear – here's what you're going to leave with:

  1. A podcast strategy – what you're creating, and why you're doing it
  2. Equipment skills – experience in using audio recording equipment
  3. Editing skills – the knowledge to edit your own show
  4. A Launch Strategy – a starter plan to market the show, and find your first listeners

You can launch right away, or you can send the first announcement to your network. OR, you can leave with a plan to gather further recordings, and launch at a later day. We love people who plan to launch on the day, but it's up to you.

Many people leave the session with their first few episodes in the can, ready to release, so it's entirely possible.

What's Included in the Day?

The day will include the following:

  • Tea/Coffee and breakfast on arrival
  • A good lunch – no limp sandwiches, don't worry
  • Refreshments all day
  • A great environment in which to work and learn
  • A range of podcasting equipment to try out and record with
  • A podcast planning workbook to design your show
  • One month free Podcast Hosting, if you want to sign up on the day

Here's what you need to bring:

  • Any equipment of your own that you'd like to learn more about
  • A laptop on which you can install editing software (if you can't bring a laptop, let us know)
  • Enthusiasm!

Can I Buy Podcasting Equipment?

Yes. If you're looking to get set up with your podcast equipment, then we can arrange a full kit for you. Get in touch using the contact details below, and we can talk through your requirements.

We'll buy your kit in advance, and we can teach you how to use it on the day.

Come along and start putting your real message out into the world!