Author: Kyle Wilson

Recording Live Music For Your Podcast

Recording Live Music for your podcast is a cool and creative way of making content. However it requires astute planning beforehand. Imagine this; You’ve just turned up at a live event to record some, what will surely be, excellent content for your podcast. Uh oh! You open the bag and quickly realise the equipment hasn’t been charged and is missing parts. If you prepare properly, this shouldn’t happen… I learned that the hard way. Recording Live Music: a Basic Field guide Live music recordings can be a fantastic way to expand your podcast audience and also help out fellow...

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Guerilla Marketing For Podcasters

Starting out as a podcaster can often mean that you don’t have much of a budget for marketing. You may have just spent your budget on equipment and editing tools to produce and publish your podcast online. That’s great, but you need to get the word out! Read on for free and interesting ways to promote your show with the use of Guerilla Marketing. What is Guerilla Marketing? Guerrilla Marketing is a fantastic and fun way to market your podcast. This a low-cost unconventional advertising strategy that allows you to engage with the public on a more personal and...

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What I Learned About Podcasting From Radio

People need to listen to your content, otherwise, what’s the point, right? You may not think of examining podcasting to radio. But this is a really big question for me, coming from the radio industry, since we live or die on advertising income. There are unlimited ideas on how to market your audio, so I’m going narrow it down based on what I learned doing exactly that on a radio station. You might think it’s an unfair comparison – Radio’s big business, right? But no, you don’t need to have a massive budget, and we didn’t! There are a...

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