Author: Matthew Boudreau

What’s the Noise on Signal to Noise? What to Look For

Imagine you’re meeting a friend. You haven’t seen one another in a very long time, or perhaps it’s your first time meeting in person. You would like to spend time catching up, and you both adore craft beers, so you decide to meet at a pub. Eventually, you’ll need to decide where to meet. You could meet at a local hot spot, known for their tap selection, but they tend to be crowded, making conversation difficult. Instead, you decide to meet at an intimate little local bar that is less crowded so you can enjoy spending time chatting with...

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Finding The Best Audio Cables: The (Not So…) Fascinating Truth

Cables! They plug your stuff together. What’s more to know? Right? As unsexy and unfulfilling as cables are, they are probably the most common piece of equipment type in your studio. There are all kind of different cables. You’ve got power cables, mic cables, speaker cables and instrument cables. Lightpipe and digital coaxial cables. And once you realize the volume and scope of what cables do in your everyday workflow, you suddenly realize the grand importance of cables in your studio! But they’re still pretty boring. However, given some basic tips, you (like I) can think about your cables...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Microphones for Voice

Searching for a new microphone can be a daunting task. The style and quality of microphones differs greatly, and the old standby that you get what you pay for isn’t necessarily true anymore. With great quality microphones available across the price spectrum, cost is no longer a reliable characteristic in determining a microphone’s quality. So what qualities should podcasters and producers be looking for in a microphone? What is the Transducer Type? Dynamic vs Condenser Microphones are a form of transducer. That is to say that microphones convert energy from one form (acoustic or kinetic energy) to another (electrical energy). There are...

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