Author: Richard Brooks

10 Years of Audio Fiction | The Wireless Theatre Company

Want to become an audio fiction production house? The Wireless Theatre Company celebrates 10 years in audio fiction this year and is standing proof it’s possible to become a successful audio business over the long-term. The multi-award winning, direct-to-public audio company is second only to BBC Radio in attracting big names, but to survive it has changed business models, formed partnerships with big broadcasters and re-shaped content to meet changing audience demands. It’s about people, not productions Mariele Runacre-Beck, the company’s founder, met me over a cup of tea not far from Piccadilly Circus. Based in London’s West End,...

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Wooden Overcoats | Putting the Funn in Funding

“It’s fair to say that any competent method of fund-raising will have a dual function of raising both money and profile.” David K Barnes It’s the biggest question in independent audio drama – “how do you make it pay?” There’s lots of different models: pay-per-listen, paid subscription, crowd-funding, advertisements and donations. The key for producers is developing a model that works for the story and doesn’t take more effort to manage than it brings in. Besides being a smash success among listeners, Wooden Overcoats – a comedy about rival funeral firms (odd-ball Funn Funerals verses the charming Eric Chapman)...

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The Martian Guide to Marketing Your Podcast

By Richard Brooks “We’re certainly not advocating that you form some kind of armed militia to spread the word of MarsCorp. But we can’t stop you from doing that either.” Getting noticed is an increasing challenge for new audio dramas seeking to gain visibility in an ever more crowded field. Of course, gaining a backing from a large broadcaster or a big-name actor is a major advantage; but the beauty of audio fiction is that good stories continue to make a breakthrough, achieving a cult status amongst fans. So what makes you so interesting? It’s the question everyone wants...

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