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Top 10 Educational Technology Podcasts


1. TEDTalks Education

By TED Conferences LLC

Description: The aim of the show or TED in general is to share the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. Some of the world’s greatest educators, researchers, and community leaders share their stories and visions onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You will learn a lot of ideas from each episode especially if you’re a very curious soul.

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2. Free Audio Book of the Month Podcast

By LearnOutLoud.com

Description: Each month LearnOutLoud.com releases a free classic audiobook. Everything you need to know about business, arts, history, education are here.

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3. Tips and Tricks Photography

By Jeff Tindal

Description: Tips & Tricks Photography is show dedicated to encourage its listeners to learn, share and explore their creative nature in photography. Jeff Tindal gives useful and simple Issues to delivery outstanding tips and tricks on how to make every photo remarkable. He’s now on his 12th Issue so make sure you catch up.

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4. Hello Internet

By CGP Grey & Brady Haran

Description: CGP Grey and Brady Haran talk about YouTube, life, work and sorts. The show is very useful and entertaining at the same time. The hosts have very enlightening and enjoyable discussions. They share a lot of very interesting things – it’s worth a listen.

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5. The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson

By Urban Farm

Description: Urban Farm Podcast releases 3-day per week podcast which features special guests like Jason Mraz, Lisa Steele, and Kari Spencer where they discuss the art and value of growing food in urban areas. They cover topics such as urban beekeeping and chicken farming, permaculture, successful composting, monetizing your farm, and much more! Each episode will bring you tips and tricks on how to overcome common challenges, opportunities to learn from the experience of people just like you, and plenty of resources to ensure you’re informed, equipped, and empowered to participate more mindfully in your local food system… and to have a great time doing it! Well-rounded podcast on all things urban farming.

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6. The School Sucks Show: Education Evolution

By School Sucks Podcast

Description: School Sucks is a show promoting real education and rooting out state indoctrination. They discuss all sorts of school and home related topics such home-education, self-education, critical thinking, peaceful parenting, personal growth, nonviolent communication & non-aggression. The tone of the show is warm and very comforting.

7. Toastmasters Podcast

By Bo Bennett, Ryan Levesque, and Greg Gazin

Description: Hosted by Bo Bennett, Ryan Levesque, and Greg Gazin, the show is a discussion about communication and leadership with Toastmasters around the globe. The hosts also do interview sessions with leaders in different industry and covers their experiences in leading. If you’re into leadership and communication, this podcast is for you.

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8. Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology Sixth Edition

By F.A. Davis

Description: The show talks about the human both parts and their function in a most descriptive way. The podcast is very useful not only to people who deals with medicine but also to ordinary citizens who wants to understand how the body works. The host did a very good job in making the content simpler and much more understandable.

9. Moving at the Speed of Creativity Podcasts

By Wesley A. Fryer

Description: Moving at the Speed of Creativity podcasts focus on education, twenty-first century literacy, blended learning, technology integration, and educational leadership. The episodes were well-crafted by the host, Wesley A. Fryer, and were delivered flawlessly.

10. Medical Terminology Systems, Sixth Edition Audio Exercises

By F.A. Davis

Description: Yet another useful podcast from F.A. Davis. The show focuses on different medical terms related to all the systems in our body. Each terms are explained very well in every episodes. I really like how F.A. Davis divided the terms based on body parts. Very useful resources!

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