Top 10 General Technology Podcasts

1. GeekBeat.TV (HD MP4-30fps)

By Revision3

Description: A hot podcast that gives you the latest trends and newest updates for the coolest gadgets, new video games, and everything else geeks adore. Hosted by Cali Lewis, she breaks down and discusses today’s most up to date stories, useful tips and interesting news all in one place. This is definitely a technology podcast you can not dare to miss.

2. TEDTalks Technology

By TEDTalks

Description: TEDTalks Technology features a number of today’s world top leading inventors and researchers wherein they share their demos, visions on stage, TEDx events and other related events, and breakthroughs all over the world. You can download these set of podcasts and other related videos free of charge in This comes with interactive English and subtitles up to 80 languages.

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3. The Talk Show with John Gruber

By Mule Radio Syndicate

Description: Mule Radio Syndicate is known to be the most outstanding and beyond compare variety extravaganza. This talk show is hosted by John Gruber, the one who have written and published the This podcast was built with a mountain top dynamism and spit tinged with coca leaves and the miniature bones of carrier pigeons that could not find their mark.

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4. NYT's Circuits with David pogue (Video)

By The New York Times

Description: A podcast showing all the latest updates of the new technology nowadays varying from the different cell phones, cameras, TV and other cool and must have gadgets and crazes. NYT’s Circuits is hosted by David Pogue, a New York Times personal-technology columnist who happens to be the tech correspondent Emmy winner for CBS News Sunday Morning and also a writer.

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5. Back to Work

By 5by5

Description: Back to Work is one of the broadcast shows in 5By5. It is an award winning talk show hosted by the famous Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin. They usually do productivity discussions including important and touchy topics about communication in general, factors that affect work, different kinds of barriers, constraints, tools, parenting, and other issues governing society as a whole.

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6. TechStuff


Description: Tech Stuff is a podcast hosted by Lauren Vogelbaum and Jonathan Strickland and published by This podcast covers topics ranging from home technology to the Large Hadron Collider. Tech stuff usually airs twice a week for about 35 minutes duration. Tech Stuff is dedicated to unveil technology and discuss its impact on society in a general point of view.

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7. Tekzilla (HD MP4-30fps)

By Revision3

Description: Tekzilla podcast will definitely feed your tech hunger! It is hosted by Patrick Norton, Robert Heron and Veronica Belmont plus a frequent guest host, Roger Chang. They give out reviews on the latest gears, tips and tricks to help you improve the tech you already own. Update yourself by listening to their conversations together with the most informative experts around.

8. Mac Power Users

By David Sparks and Katie Floyd

Description: Mac Power Users helps listeners to learn the latest updates from their Apple technology. This podcast is hosted by Katie Floyd and David Sparks. The hosts discuss applications together with the significant changes and also their iTunes workflow favorite. They give out information on how to get started with web publishing including Mac based software solutions, WordPress, Squarespace, Tumblr, etc.

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9 .MacMost Now-Mac and iphone Tips and Tutorials

By MacMost

Description: MacMOst is a video podcast that provides you with information on all Apple products like Mac, iphone, ipad and Apple TV. This podcast features a lot of useful tips, different tricks, and wide range of techniques, helpful tutorials and reviews that will surely benefit personal and business Apple users. So if you want to be updated, tune in to MacMost!

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10. Amplified

By 5by5

Description: Amplified is one of the 5by5 studios famous shows, which is hosted by Jim Dlrymple & Dan Benjamin. This podcast is an award winning talk show about the latest device craze like Apple, Mac, ipad, iphone, ios, guitars, amps, music, recording, and many more. Not only that, you can also know the comparisons of the different and cool gadgets nowadays.

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User roundup: Richard Smith