Episode 17: Harmagedon (1983)

The Brain Palace is back in business after our longest ever hiatus and boy do we have a treat this time.  Zach McCue from Colony Drop joins us for a dissection of one of the more infamous films to come out of the ‘golden’ age’ of Japanese theatrical animation: Rin Taro’s Harmagedon.

Episode 16: Ed, Edd and Eddy’s Big Picture Show (2010)


Back after yet another hiatus (technical goofs aplenty), we return with the first TV movie covered on the show. We close a big part of our childhoods with Danny Antonucci’s Ed, Edd and Eddy movie.

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Episode 10: Macross – Do You Remember Love? (1984) [Original]


We’re spreading the culture wide with this episode featuring our first ever guest star Jeremy, the host of Destroy All Podcasts DX; we tackle one of the forgotten animated classics of the 1980’s: Macross Do You Remember Love? This is the original recording.

WARNING: Contains spoilers

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