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Africana Woman Podcast Tour: A Lusaka Review of a Thriving Movement

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Africana Woman is an internationally award-winning podcast that celebrates the voices and stories of African women. On April 29th, the show embarked on its first-ever tour of Zambia, kicking off in Kabwe. The tour will conclude on May 26th in Kitwe, with a stop in Lusaka on May 6th. This series of live podcast events celebrate African women’s voices and stories, providing a platform for networking, dialogue, and empowerment.

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The Mission of the Africana Woman Podcast

Africana Woman is hosted Chulu Chansa, an award-winning Zambian podcaster, storyteller, and wellness entrepreneur. The podcast features interviews with successful African women who share their insights on love, success, and wealth. Africana Woman’s mission is to educate, empower, and entertain. It has created a space for African women to be themselves and share their diverse and rich experiences. 

Despite the slow growth of podcasts in Zambia, Africana Woman is growing exponentially and achieving its goals. When asked about the podcast’s success, founder Chulu attributed it to consistency, global listenership, and clear success metrics. She noted that many Zambian podcasters are not consistent with their content, which hinders their growth. Meanwhile, she capitalized on the ability of podcasts to reach a global audience, which has helped her podcast to grow rapidly.

Empowering Women: The Impact of the Africana Woman Podcast 

Africana Woman offers retreats, coaching programs, Level Up Gurl workshops, and a supportive community. The podcast celebrates African womanhood and encourages members to pursue their dreams through these ventures. There’s a book club where members select a new book to read monthly. This is followed by exciting and relatable book reviews to help members navigate their own life experiences. The podcast tour is an addition to this array of African Woman activities. It’s set to amplify the movement’s goals of attaining love, health, wealth, and community building. “We have so much knowledge we can share”, added Chulu Chansa.

My Experience at the Lusaka Event

My Experience at the Lusaka Event

The Africana Woman Podcast Tour Event at Scallywags Cafe and Restaurant was a wonderful experience. Starting at 9 am, the event featured live podcast discussions, workshops, networking, and Q&A sessions. Women of different ages, races, ethnicities, and careers came together for a day of empowerment.

The event began with a prayer, followed by a group networking and photography session. With Chulu as the host, the first panel discussion kicked off on the topic of wealth. Guest speaker Chansa Arhunmwunde shared insightful stories and tips about financial literacy, discipline, and responsibility. Other talks included self-love with guest speaker Josine Karake and health with guest speaker Linda CS Mwale. I found the discussions informative and inspiring.

The event’s highlight was an Africana Woman Podcast quiz with prizes for the winners. Attendees also had the opportunity to network with one another during a break and lunch. The women engaged in talks to share their stories and encourage each other. Additionally, every attendee had a name card with the logo of the Africana Woman podcast. The name cards are great souvenirs of the event.

Meanwhile, Scallywags was a serene venue with top-notch hospitality and catering. The Africana Woman team were also friendly and helpful before and throughout the event. The entire event was not recorded to allow attendees the freedom to express themselves fully. All in all, it was truly a standout event.

The Future of the Africana Woman Podcast Tour

Chulu said the podcast tour was a trial session to gauge interest, and so far, the future looks bright for the event and its growing community of listeners. There has been an overwhelming interest from other African countries. Chulu revealed that the number of attendees in Lusaka was almost double the estimated turnout, too.

The Africana Woman podcast tour has also showcased its potential to connect podcasters with their audience and expand their reach. It provides insight and inspiration for podcasters looking to grow their audience. Tours and live events can help podcasters bond with existing audiences and gain more listeners. They can also boost the growth of podcasting in Africa if more of the continent’s podcasters decide to adopt the strategy.

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