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5 Zambian Podcasts to Listen to (and Why!)

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Just like South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria, the largest podcasting markets in Africa, Zambia has plenty of worthy podcasts to listen to. With African media consumers choosing audio to reduce screen time, podfans can enjoy an array of podcasts from Zambia. These podcasts do not just entertain but also inform and educate people. For podcasters with a passion to produce Zambian content, there’s an opportunity to pick up tips from these shows. They feature topics that are important to Zambians and the world as well. So without delay, here are five podcasts worth listening to in Zambia:

#1 Excuse My Zambian

Zambia’s modern culture is a blend of norms, customs, values, and spiritual traditions of about 72 different tribes. These tribes moved into Zambia through migrations as they looked for farming land, pastures, and new kingdoms to establish. Hence, for those interested in learning about Zambia’s rich history, ‘Excuse My Zambian‘ by Ruth Bwalya Musange has it all.

The podcast is an exciting fresh, unique, humorous, and honest podcast that features talks about past and present Zambians. It also features talks about what being Zambian entails for millennials.

That Zed Podcast is one of the Zambian podcasts worth listening to in this roundup.

#2 That Zed Podcast

That Zed Podcast is a hearty inspiring and educative podcast. It is a den for Zambian trendsetters and important figures. It is where musicians, TV hosts, movie stars, and politicians tell their success stories. The podcast is as educative as it is entertaining, and listeners get to choose from an array of inspiring stories to listen to. The show typically has a weekly release of new episodes. That Zed Podcast is also a video podcast, viewable on YouTube.

#3 Leading Ladies

Zambia cherishes women’s empowerment as much as she does culture. This support has also been extended to past women leaders through podcasts like  Leading Ladies. This is an animated podcast about powerful African/Zambian women leaders of the 17th and 19th centuries. The podcast is an initiative by Samba Yonga and Mulenga Kapwepwe, founders of the virtual museum, the Women’s History Museum in Zambia. The digital museum exists to change societal views on the role of Zambian women. The fact that it’s centered on women’s empowerment makes it a relevant podcast in today’s times because it challenges the historical notion that women were incapable of being leaders.

In simpler terms, Leading Ladies is for women with want to achieve greatness. It’s a show packed full of motivating and inspiring stories to learn from.

#4 UmoyoTalks

“Umoyo ” is a Chichewa word meaning life, health, or existence. Just like its name, the UmoyoTalks podcast by Kim Otteby talks about fitness and health. Kim talks to guests about health issues, and how to prevent and cure them. The podcast is an inspiring and empowering one, and, through it, people learn about healthy lifestyles and improve their quality of life. The show is also available on Youtube.

#5 Zambian Music Showcase With Dj Kipclassic

Zambian Music Showcase is a podcast by Kusanta Ntangi Chilebe, aka DJ Kipclassic. The podcast features the newest and trending songs in Zambia. Music is important in the Zambian culture. Its influence also extends to the social and political lives of Zambians. This is heard in its traditional polymeters and drum rhythms. Zambian music is not just for enjoyment, but also for healing, and teaching people, and Zambian Music Showcase shares unique music to promote it to international audiences.

Conclusion: 5 Zambian Podcasts to Listen to

Zambia has incredible podcasts to listen to. They offer listeners an experience of Zambia’s educational, social, cultural, political, health, and entertainment sectors. On top of that, their diverse formats and styles are insightful, and they offer inspiration for anyone looking to start a podcast either by or for Zambians.

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