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The Podcraft™ Podcast

Planning & Scripting Your Episode | Podcraft 1006

Winging it is certainly a skill, but there’s also something to be said for great planning & scripting. It can be the difference between a listener feeling really engaged with your podcast and thinking it’s a bit of a waffle. Planning & Scripting In the sixth episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we look…

How Long and How Often? | Podcraft 1005

There’s no doubt that you’re recording a podcast about something you love. And therefore you can probably talk for days all about your topic! However, you only hold your listener’s attention for so long. So how do you figure out what the best length is? And how often should you give your listeners new episodes…

Formats And Approaches | Podcraft S10E04

In the fourth episode of our new Podcraft season, we talk formats and approaches. You’ll need to consider which kind of format you’d like your podcast to be when beginning to plan out your podcast. And you’ll need to work out the approach you’re going to take to get you there. Let’s run through the…

Who Are You Podcasting For? | Podcraft S10E03

In this episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we continue to explore the first steps in launching your own podcast. This week we focus on audience. We talk about who you should be podcasting for and how to find out who your audience is. Who Are You Podcasting For? An Avatar is your ideal…

What Are You Podcasting For? | Podcraft S10E02

In the second episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we debate the answer to one of the greatest questions that every podcaster faces; What are you podcasting for? If you are thinking of launching your own podcast, you should have a reason for doing so. In the show we explore the best way to…

The Benefits Of Running A Podcast | Podcraft 1001

In the first episode of our tenth season of Podcraft we decide to re-evaluate the basics. As a celebration of our tenth season anniversaray, we are re-examining and re-recording the topics we discussed in Season one. Episode one looks at the benefits of podcasting. Benefits Of Podcasting Number 1: Engagement Voice engages audience. This builds…

Making Your Podcast more Accessible (& Growing Your Audience as a Result!)

On this episode of Podcraft, I’m talking to Nicolas Steenhout from the A11Y Rules Podcast. Nicolas is an accessiblity evangelist, helping anyone he can to improve their online content’s accesibility. I loved his top-line advice around the all-round benefits of being familiar with accessibility: A little time spent learning the basics of accessibility can help…

Tools & Tactics for Making a Highly-Produced Podcast | Podcraft 908

In the final episode of our season on creating Highly-Produced Podcasts, we look at some of the tools and tactics to make your workflow as smooth as possible. Tools for Planning Evernote Trello Notion Tools for Scripting Scrivener Celtx Trint – Automated transcriptions (cheaper) Rev – Human transcriptions (more accurate) Tools for Production Adobe Audition…

Audiobooks, Patreon & Sponsorship to Monetise a Creative Podcast

In this episode I’m talking to Joanna Penn of ‘The Creative Penn Podcast‘ about monetisation methods for podcasting. Joanna runs one of the UK’s longest lasting shows, alongside her hugely successful ‘self publishing’ website: The Creative Penn. Early on she made the decision that the show had to pay for itself, to justify her time away…

The Podcraft 2017 Christmas Special

The Podcast Host team try the “just 3 guys, in a basement, drinking beer” approach in this Christmas special, where, unfortunately, you’ll learn absolutely nothing about podcasting. Well, maybe there’s a bit of “how not to” in here… Aside from that, some of the topics you will hear about are Scottish beer, animal adoption, tabletop wargaming,…


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