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Do I Need a Team to Make a Highly-Produced Podcast? Podcraft 907

The vast majority of podcasts are run by one single person. But does the “one man band” approach work for Highly-Produced Podcasts? The answer is, it depends. There are reasons why it can work, and reasons why it might not. You might really dislike some of the tasks involved in putting this type of show…

Using Music & SFX in Highly-Produced Podcasts | Podcraft 906

The use of music, ambience, and sound effects can really enhance your podcast episodes and give them that highly-produced feel. In this episode we talk about the use of these elements, and how to get the right balance so that they enhance and compliment your content. We discuss where to find music and sound effects…

Doing Interviews for Highly-Produced Podcasts | Podcraft 905

It’s likely that you’ll want to have interviewees and guests on your highly-produced podcast. Like pretty much everything we’ve discussed in this series so far, there’s an overlap with recording interviews for “standard” podcasts. But there’s definitely some extra work in the planning and execution we can put in that can enhance our finished piece,…

Recording & Equipment for Highly-Produced Podcasts | Podcraft 904

Do you need different equipment and recording methods to create a “highly-produced” podcast? The short answer is no, but we’ll be taking a look at this question in more depth on this episode. There are various elements that make up highly-produced episodes. You’ll need to record the presenter narration, as well as the interviews or…

Scripting & Planning Highly-Produced Podcasts | Podcraft 903

One of the main things that sets a highly-produced podcast apart from a “standard” podcast is the level of scripting and planning. It’s a good idea to think in advance about the ultimate aim of your series, the aims of each individual episode, and how they all fit and flow together. There’s a decent chance…

Structure & Framework of a Highly-Produced Podcast | Podcraft 902

Although there’s no rules in podcasting about how episodes must be structured, we do see some common themes when we look at highly-produced shows. These podcasts tend to have more elements, and the presenter may duck in and out, introducing, getting out the way, then coming back to pass comment on something. This might be…

Creating Highly-Produced Podcasts | Podcraft 901

Whether you’re trying to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, or want to showcase your production skills, making a highly-produced podcast series can be great for building an audience and getting noticed. And by “highly produced” we’re really talking about shows that mix in multiple elements beyond the standard intro-content-outro template. A much used…

What If My Topic Is Dry? | Podcraft 817

The ins and outs of employment law might not sound like the most entertaining topic in the world to most people. But Blackadders Solicitors here in The Podcast Host’s hometown of Dundee are building a dedicated and enthusiastic following around their show Employment Lawyer In Your Pocket. In this episode I’m chatting with one of…

How to Spread the Word & Convert Listeners in Non-Podcasting Niche | Podcraft 816

In this episode I talk to Andrew Clews of The Motoring Podcast about how they’ve gone about breaking into very non-podcasting niche. We also delved a little into how they’ve gone about structuring their show, to allow for different types of content and different types of listener: particularly news vs industry stories. If you’re curious…

Monetizing a Local Podcast | Podcraft Episode 815

On this week’s episode of Podcraft we’re joined in the studio by Ryan McLeod. Ryan runs a local design studio business, Slurpp, as well as his own Podcast based around the creative industries in our very own city, called Creative Chit Chat Dundee. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about on today’s Podcraft…


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