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Colin Gray: Podcaster & Managing Director of The Podcast Host Ltd.

Thanks for being curious. I feel like the ubiquitous ‘About Page' is the online equivalent of a polite, “So, tell me what you do?”

Well, I appreciate you asking!

Before we start, if you want the audio version, I had a great chat with Harry Duran on his show, Podcast Junkies, which I republished to Podcraft. You can find that potted history here.

From Space to Online Learning

Colin Gray The Podcast HostI started out life as an Astrophysicist, rapidly moving on to web design when I realised how much maths was involved in space. Web design took me to education, where I taught the craft and started to learn the dart arts of learning technology. This resulted in the best part of a decade working part time in higher education, part time self-employed as an web strategist (read: how to make a website actually achieve something for your business).

Within higher education I specialised in how to create online courses that actually lead to action and success. My PhD focussed on how business people learn, and how we can create courses for working folks that actually help them make their business a success.

Podcasting Along the Way

So, where did Podcasting come in?

Of course, one of the fashionable learning technologies of the mid-00s was Podcasting, so I looked into it for my university at the time. In 2007 I created a course designed to help lecturers use podcasting in their teaching, and I ended up running that course for around 5 years.

Colin climbing a hill with two little menaces in towAlong the way, I started The Podcast Host as an outlet for everything I was learning. I wrote about equipment, recording techniques, promotion and everything else I could think of.

The site gained a lot of traction and I started to turn it into a business around 2012. It simply augmented my freelance work at the time, leading to consultancy, podcast production work and a lot more writing.

Now What Do I Do?

During 2015 I decided to turn The Podcast Host into a business in earnest. Now the Podcast Host is it's own limited company in the UK, offering online courses on podcasting, and production services for businesses.

I'm the managing director of the company and my main work is in the overall strategy we follow. I also have a big hand in the courses we create, making sure that my background in online ed. feeds into them, creating really effective learning experiences.

I still write a lot – I love writing about Podcasting – and I do a tonne of marketing. It seems that most of strategy is marketing these days! But it's all content marketing, really, which means I aim to give out a tonne of value to anyone that visits the website. I want to show what we know, what we can do, and hope that you will like and trust us as a result.