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The Podcast Maker App

Alitu: the podcast maker

Alitu is one of the easiest ways to make your podcast. You upload your audio, then Alitu does the cleanup and adds your music. It assembles your clips and publishes them to your host. And it offers a editor so you can remove mistakes if you need to.

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‘Start Here' Resources

Have you read much of the site? Here's what's popular:

What Next? In the Meantime….

Subscribe to Podcraft: our ‘How To' Podcast

PodCraft, our ‘How to Podcast' podcast, covering everything you need to know about the topic, and brought to you by Matthew and myself. It's a seasons based show, and each season goes deep into one particular topic, so you can pick a subject and start wherever you like.

Examples include a season focussing just on launch steps, one on monetisation, one on presentation skills and another on how to create a great website for your show.

For beginners, work through season 10 first – our launch season – and for everyone else, join in on the most recent episodes, and delve back into the archive for the subjects that you need most, right now!

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The Podcraft Podcast

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