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Alitu: The Podcast Maker

Alitu: the podcast maker

Alitu is the most flexible & powerful way to record, edit and publish your podcast, YOUR way. 

Alitu is an app on the the web that automates a lot of the podcasting process – allowing you to set up a recording room for yourself and others. Recordings are cleaned up automatically, and go right into the Alitu episode builder, to construct into your next episode. Your theme music will be added for you, with pro fades from one segmen to the next. Finally, publish the end result to your podcast host of choice, directly through the app. 

Use the Coupon Code pm2020 to get a 7 day free trial, and then 30% off your first 3 months.

The Podcast Host Academy

the Podcast Host Academy

The Podcast Host Academy is the most complete podcast learning and coaching resource on the web.

It includes regular, live, real-person support, in-depth video courses, time-saving checklists and in-depth eBooks. The Academy aims to shortcut potential mistakes and help you succeed in the best possible way. Use our full-featured 3-part launch course to get your show out, then progress to editing skills, speaking skills, audience growth tactics and monetisation techniques. 

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Subscribe to Podcraft: our ‘How To' Podcast

PodCraft, our ‘How to Podcast' podcast, covering everything you need to know about the topic, and brought to you by Matthew and myself. It's a seasons based show, and each season goes deep into one particular topic, so you can pick a subject and start wherever you like.

Examples include a season focussing just on launch steps, one on monetisation, one on presentation skills and another on how to create a great website for your show.

For beginners, work through season 10 first – our launch season – and for everyone else, join in on the most recent episodes, and delve back into the archive for the subjects that you need most, right now!

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