evil wizard

In this episode we discuss what games we’ve been playing recently, before launching into our main topic:  The Role of the GM.

I broke it down into 8 roles:

  1. Scenario designer
  2. Monster player (the evil wizard)
  3. Rules designer
  4. Referee
  5. Director
  6. RL leader / skivvy
  7. Keeper of secrets
  8. World builder

We talked about a huge number of games this episode, here are the links:

Joe’s article: Is the Era of the GM over? On Geeknative

Joe’s article: Dicing with Design on Geeknative

Sedition Wars

Project Pandora

X-COM: Enemy Unknown

Eternal Contenders by Chronicle City Games

Eternal Contenders Actual Play thread by Grant

Knights of Trinity, Aberdeen Facebook page

Legacy of Frankenstein

Nearly Enough Dice Podcast

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Hamlet’s Hit Points by Robin D.Laws at drivethru rpg

Hill Folk by Robin D. Laws on Kickstarter

World War by Harry Turtledove

Magic the Gathering

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Battlestar Galactica the board game

The D6 Generation

Shadows over Camelot

Wrath of Ashardalon



A Taste for Murder

Over the Edge




Labyrinths and Lycanthropes

Alas Vegas on Kickstarter

Hell 4 Leather

Hell for Leather

Episode 5 – What do we need a GM for