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Freedom Podcasting is the most hands free way to hire and operate a podcast production service. Just send your recordings and the Freedom Podcasting team will do everything to have your show up on iTunes.


Do you offer a full listen through of each episode?

Yes, we listen through each episode. That way our clients can focus on their conversations rather than elements of the production.

Uhms & Ahs removed?

Eliminating all ‘uhms and ahhs' often degrades the conversation. It depends on who is speaking.

At Freedom Podcasting we will eliminate excessive ‘uhms and ahhs', but try to leave them in as long as they add to the arc of the conversation.

Cleaning, EQ, Levelling, & Processing?

Yes, we clean, EQ, level and do other processing techniques to ensure high quality, consistent end product podcasts.

Up to how many segments per episode?

As many as desired.

Do you offer a shownote writing service?

Yes, show notes are built into the way we produce podcasts in most cases.

Do you offer a transcription service?

No. We can arrange to use a service, but we can't ensure errorless transcripts so we don't offer them.

Do you upload the episode to your client's media host, publish on website, etc


Turnaround time?

From receipt of recordings to publication we turnaround in 2-3 days.

Cost per month/per episode?

We have a dynamic pricing structure to fit the complexity of the show and the client's compliance requirements.


We have a launch package which includes getting the client's website up and running with a podcast + the first collection of episodes. After that we have an ongoing episode cost. We require no long term contracts.

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