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Outsource your entire podcast production process to the top audio producers in the world. Take your podcast sound to a pro new level.


Do you offer a full listen through of each episode?

Yes, included in price.

Uhms & Ahs removed?

Yes if specified.

Cleaning, EQ, Levelling, & Processing?


Up to how many segments per episode?

No restrictions.

Do you offer a shownote writing service?


Do you offer a transcription service?


Do you upload the episode to your client's media host, publish on website, etc


Turnaround time?

Can be as fast as 24h. Usual times 3-5 days. We work to specific requirements.

Cost per month/per episode?

All pricing and details are available on our website. Price depends on the episode length and how many episodes we are producing.


No agreement, no contract – you pay as you go.

Anything else?

We have a team of professional radio producers at your service.

Setting the perceived loudness level to the new agreed industry standard for internet, mobile and podcast audio consumption (-16 LUFS).

Post producing any blips/mistakes (if you say something wrong and then correct yourself – although we would require clear markers in the audio or written notes (you can clap for example or create a 5-10 second pause between the takes).

Noise removal where possible (if your podcast is recorded in a very bad recording environment – for example live events or interviews). Where audio has been recorded as an interview and there is a noticeable difference in audio quality – if possible – we will ensure the audio quality from the guest is improved in sound.
ID3 tagging of each completed episode.

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