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The Podcast Launch Program from Cashflow Podcasting

Get a professional podcast launched FOR YOU in just 4 weeks! You be the expert and our team will create, launch and manage your podcast for you. Get the full details at

You already know what your podcast is going to be about. You’ve spent months, even years thinking about it and you’ve got a powerful message in your head. The time consuming part is getting it out there as a podcast where it can spread and make an impact.

That’s where we come in. We help thought leaders just like you get your podcast outlined, created and launched in as little as four weeks. Here’s how:

Step 1

We spend 90 minutes on the phone outlining and developing your podcast, artwork, intros & outros, and clarifying how your podcast will fully express your message and generate results.

Step 2

Our team creates your podcast artwork, intros & outros, and coaches you through getting set up and recording your first 3 podcast episodes.

Step 3

We share our proven Podcast Launch Formula and spend 45 minutes on the phone crafting a custom launch strategy for your show to ensure a great launch.

Step 4

Our team will take it from here:

  • We create and optimize your podcast’s RSS feed for optimal ranking in iTunes
  • We integrate your podcast with your existing website
  • We create a podcast page on your existing website
  • We edit, produce and write show notes for your first 3 podcast episodes
  • We schedule everything to publish on your launch day
  • We submit your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast directories
  • We check to make sure everything is 100% set for your podcast launch
  • We coach you through any questions you have, and ensure a fantastic launch

Step 5

After your show launches successfully, you simply focus on recording your content. Our team will edit and produce your audio into a professional episode, write up a compelling and engaging show notes post for your episode and schedule everything to publish at the proper time for you.

In other words, you record content, we handle all the production and publishing for you automatically.

This is the greatest authority building tool you’ll ever own and this Podcast Launch Program is designed to get your podcast started and attracting new listeners in just 4 weeks.

Learn more and contact us for a free consultation at

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