Our Free Podcast Music Library: Themed Packs of Intros, Outros, Transitions & Loops

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You don't NEED music, but it sure sounds cool to theme your show! Use our free podcast music library to find your perfect music pack.

Music isn't essential. The show's all about your voice, after all. But there's something special about hearing that familiar riff, just before your favourite host starts to speak. It's memorable, it puts you in the mood, and, let's face it, it makes the host sound PRO! So, as a part of our mission to help podcasters to get their voices out into the world, we've released a library of free podcast music to help you get started in building your own audio brand.

You'll find a few free podcast music libraries around, but ours is the only one that offers themed podcast music packs, with all the elements you need to brand your entire show, start to finish.

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And if you're looking for a much bigger range, and happy to pay just a little, check out out full article on finding podcast music. You'll find it here:

How to buy or commission great Podcast Intro Music

What's a Music Pack?

We started creating these music packs 3 years ago, for our most excellent Alitu users. Alitu lets you add theme music to the start and end of your show automatically. It also makes it super-easy to pop transitions and sound FX in between transitions, through it's podcast episode builder.

The thing is, a nice bit of theme music makes you sound great. But a full pack makes you sound like you're a podcast professional!

Here's how it works:

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  • Your show starts with a 10s to 20s bit of theme music, which fades out naturally into the voice
  • You speak your intro, and then a 4s ‘transition' plays, between that and your interview. It sounds just like your theme music, but short!
  • Your interview finishes, and a 6s ‘transition' plays, leading into your outro
  • Under your 3 minute outro, a loop plays which, again, sounds just like your theme, but is tailored to loop.
  • From there, your outro music plays, 30s+, perhaps with a standard voiceover which offers your standard call-to-action.

That's what a music pack includes. An intro, and intro, a background loop for longer segments, and then some stinger transitions. They all sound similar – all variations of the one theme tune – so you sound like you've been professional produced, like a radio show 😎

use our free podcast music library

Is it Really Free Music, for Any Use?

Yep! We're offering this on a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. That means you can use it for anything, hobby or commercial, as long as you include the following attribution.

Include on episode pages/shownotes:

Our Podcast music was provided by The Podcast Host and Alitu: The Podcast Maker app.

Read on your show:

Our Podcast music was provided by thePodcastHost.com & Alitu: The Podcast Maker. Find your own free podcast music over at thePodcastHost.com/freemusic.

This attribution should be included, with the links, on your episode pages, and be read out on the show. If you're up for that, then you can use this music for free, for anything, forever!

Remember, Alitu users have access to all of these tracks, and a lot more, with NO attribution. They can be used for free by all active paying Alitu users, with no conditions. You could even try them all out for 7 days, for free, by starting an Alitu trial. Give it a shot!

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Our Free Podcast Music Library

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Sorry, we dropped the mic!

I'm sorry, but we've had to take down our free music library for now. We hope to release a new music bank in the future, but for now, check back on our main article on How to find Music for your podcast.

Bookmark this page, as we'll be adding more royalty free music packs on a regular basis.

Again, thanks again for checking out our free podcast music collection! We look forward to hearing it in your shows 😁 Remember to check the attribution conditions above, in the ‘music attribution‘ section.