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How to Choose & Use Music for Mood | Music In Podcasting #1

Most podcasters want to add music tracks to their show. It’s an instinctive choice – we know that music can make our voice sound richer, or more evocative, and our guests sound more authoritative. We know that the right music can do so much to help create the mood we want for our show, whether

How Much Editing Should I Do In My Podcast

How Much Editing Should I Do In My Podcast?

You’ve just recorded a 40 minute conversation for your latest podcast episode. You load it into your DAW (your editing software) and stare at the lengthy waveform. What now? What should you take out? What should you leave in? There are no real rules here, but you should consider the following things before you get

How do we Mix Your Podcasts Episodes?

How Do We Mix Your Podcast Episodes?

Here at The Podcast Host, we offer a comprehensive podcast production service.  But what exactly is it we do?  What goes into the mix? What do we cut out and what do we add? The answers are at hand as we present a sneak peek behind the scenes: Although we tailor it to the requirements

How Much Does Podcast Production Cost?

Having worked with a whole lot of people over the years in starting up their podcasts, I’ve been asked this question a lot: How much should I be paying for podcast production? Well, I’m going to tell you right off the bat, it depends! I hope this article gives you an idea where you fit

Outsourcing podcast production

Outsourcing Podcast Production: Low Budget V Premium Services

Whether you’ve been podcasting for years, or have yet to release your first episode, there’s a good chance you’ve considered outsourcing as an option when it comes to managing your production schedule. We’ve worked with dozens of companies in producing their shows over the years, and there’s a wide range of reasons cited for taking on

Click Editing: The Fast Podcast Post-Production Method

Click Editing: The Fast Podcast Post-Production Method

Editing is a pain. Well, it is for most people at any rate. I do know podcasters who get a lot of satisfaction out of editing. In the right context, I’m one of them. If you’re producing something slick, refined, highly edited, then it’s worth the result. But, standard, day to day, common garden editing,

The MEE Podcasting Method™: Editing & Production for Real People

I recently ran a survey with every Podcaster on my mailing list, and it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done for my business in years. The main question I asked was: “What are you struggling with in Podcasting?” Well, it turns out that there are a fair few concerns out

How long does it take to produce Serial Podcast?

How Long Does it Take to Create a Heavily Produced Show like the Serial Podcast?

In the past month I’ve been producing a series of Podcasts for one of my regular University partners – Edinburgh Napier University. The series is aimed at university lecturers and, while the subject is heavily educational, that’s no excuse for it to be boring. So I was tasked with producing the episodes in a really