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Are All-in-One Podcast Equipment Packages Worth Buying?

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Today’s Podcasting Q&A comes from the US, and concerns a new podcasting package on the market.

I’m emailing from Upstate New York and I wanted to thank you for providing all of this information; your ebook and website helped to answer many questions my partner and I had.
I stumbled upon your website while looking at microphone reviews found that to be very helpful as well. As of now, my partner and I are leaning toward the Blue Yeti. However, I saw some good reviews of the Miktek ProCast SST I’m heavily drawn to the overall package that comes with that set up. My question for you is two fold:

  1. Have you had any experience with this, and if so, what did you think?
  2. Is a package like that worth the price? Or would I be able to piece together the same set up with better components for a similar price?

My partner and I plan on recording from my living room, so the swing arm stand is really attractive for versatility and mobility. I also like that the mixer is built in, but I don’t imagine a mixer being absolutely essential to getting a podcast up and running.

So, I’ve never tried the MikTek – it’s not generally available in the UK just now, so I’d have a hard time getting hold of it. Therefore, I can’t really talk specifically to the quality and value. BUT, I would like to talk about all-in-one solutions like this in general!

The concern I’d have with any package like this is that it’s a pretty high price for something that removes a lot of your flexibility.

In buying that, you’re stuck with one mic, one boom arm and one mixer that they choose, as opposed to an optimum setup specifically for you.

It also means if one element breaks, the whole lot goes in the bin.

Finally, it looks like you can’t then easily use that kit in other contexts. For example, if you buy a good USB mic like the Rode Podcaster, you can then use that on the move, without the stand, or the mixer.

I’d be wary, certainly, before buying it. You could definitely find a great setup for a similar price; really pro, tried and tested kit. The Rode Podcaster, a Scarlet Focusrite and a simple boom arm spring to mind…

Check out our review of the Focusrite 2i2 here, and the Rode Procaster here. If you got hold of them, you can then split them up if necessary, use them however you like, and replace individually. That’s how I’d prefer to approach this 99% of the time.

Hope that helps!

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