Can You Record With 2 USB Microphones?

can you record with 2 usb microphones

If you don’t have a mixer or preamp, and want to record directly into your computer, can you use 2 USB mics at the same time?

The short answer is yes. There are a few things you’ll need though.

And here’s how to get up and running. In my demonstration I used Adobe Audition, as well as the Blue Yeti and Shure MV5 USB mics.

We’ve got loads more tutorials like this in our FanFission community, and we’re adding to them all the time. If learning more about podcasting equipment is something that interests you, then come and have a look.


Here’s how to use audio recording and editing software, Adobe Audition, to run two different USB mics into the PC at the same time. I’m going to use the Shure MV5 and the Blue Yeti as my two USB mics. It’s better to use two different models of mic here, as it might not work if you have two of the exact same. I’ll also need to go to to download and install an audio driver called ASIO4ALL. ASIO stands for Audio Stream Input Output. And ASIO4ALL basically powers up your computer’s sound card, giving it access to multiple inputs and outputs independently at the same time.

Next, when you open up Adobe Audition, go to File, then Preferences. Set your device class to ASIO and ASIO4All v2 as your device. Open up Settings to the right of device drop-down menu. Inside this control panel, you’ll see a list titled WDM Device List, and you want to click and activate the little power buttons besides your USB mics. Come out of Settings after that and go to Audio Channel Mapping. Select both your USB mics as your left and right channels. Leave the Preferences section and start a new multi-track session. On track one and two, use the input drop-down menus titled Default Stereo Input to select both your USB mics. Hit the R on both tracks to arm each one to record. And when you hit record, that’s you up and running with two USB mics at the same time.

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