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Wireless Podcast Recording from Your Smartphone | The Samson Go Mic Mobile

Mobile and portable recording appeals to many podcasters in the medium. Not being tied down to any one space gives you freedom and flexibility, and allows you to record your content as and when the opportunity arises. Traditionally the trade off here has either been to carry around at least a couple of bits of…

Why Does My Audio Hiss? Dynamic Mics & Gain Levels

If you’re using a certain kind of microphone into a certain kind of interface (a preamp or digital recorder) you might be hearing some level of hiss underneath your recordings. If so, the type of microphone you’re using will likely be what’s known as a “dynamic” mic. This term refers to how the mic is…

Shure’s MOTIV MV88 iOS Microphone Review

The world is progressively going mobile! The freedom to do our best work from wherever is quickly becoming more feasible for people. As such, new tools continue to pop up to allow professionals to do their best work in less traditional ways. Shure is one of those companies giving us new ways to capture sound…

Best Smartphone Lavalier Microphones for Podcasting

Smartphones and lavalier mics are the perfect partnership for simplicity, flexibility, and portability. Nowadays, most people have their phone on them wherever they go. So if you’re using it as a recording device, that’s one less thing to carry around, and one less thing to forget. Lavalier, or “lav” mics (the kind you see used…

A Mobile Recording Studio for your iPhone or Computer | The Lewitt DGT 650

The Lewitt DGT 650 could be described as an “enhanced USB mic” due to its additional functions beyond that of a simple plug and play device. USB mics have traditionally been geared towards the beginners market, with a low barrier to entry in mind. Cost-wise, most USB mics can be bought for under $100 too.…

What’s the Best Looking Microphone on the Market?

Though the aesthetic design of microphones has varied throughout the years, most have usually had one thing in common – they actually look like microphones. Traditionally, mics were always analogue in their build, and marketed towards niche groups, such as musicians. Nowadays though, the digital (USB) mic is every bit as popular as its analogue…

Recording Podcast Interviews with a Smartphone: Rode SC6 & Smartlav+

Sometimes, you just need it easy. Flexibility is great, sure. Options. Quality. Power. All in their place. But when you just need to get a podcast recorded and time’s a’wastin? Easy is the way. But what happens when easy miraculously co-oincides with quality? With flexibility? Awesome sauce. Right here I want to talk about just…

Turn Your Favourite Headphones Into a Quality Headset Mic | The Antlion ModMic 5

Headset microphones are popular and useful devices. Like any other piece of audio equipment, the quality varies depending on how much you’re willing to pay. The most common complaints about headset mics are to do with sound quality and comfort. Again, this will depend on the make and model you’re using. But it may have been…

Samson Meteorite USB Microphone | A Podcasting Review

The Samson Meteorite could be described as the little brother to the Samson Meteor. These two USB mics have a lot in common. With their retro chrome grille appearance, they are pretty unique – neither would look out of place in the Fallout video game universe. So, what’s the difference between the Meteor and the…

Giant Squid Podcasting Omni Stereo Microphone: A Lavalier Solution for Interviews & Co-Hosts

Update – May 2018: We’ve had reports that deliveries of these mics are taking 3 weeks or more, and that Giant Squid can be a little slow in communicating. If you’re urgently looking for a lavalier mic, there are some other options in our Best Lavalier Mics Roundup! Giant Squid’s Podcasting Omni Stereo Microphone is…


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