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The AKG C214 Condenser Microphone | A Podcasting Review

The AKG C214 sounds flawless. I bought a stereo pair earlier this year, for a few different reasons: I produce audio drama, and wanted to record vocals as accurately as possible. I had used the AKG C414 before (the C214’s big brother) and thought it was superb. The C214 is a similar build to the…

Samson Meteor USB Mic | A Podcasting Review

The Samson Meteor is a USB ‘plug and play’ condenser mic. I’m a big fan of Samson’s dynamic Q2U mic, which is probably the piece of kit I find myself recommending the most. With that in mind, I was interested to get a look at the Meteor, Samson’s higher-end vocal condenser mic. So what’s the…

Can You Record With 2 USB Microphones into 1 Computer?

Here’s a question we get a lot: Can I record with 2 USB microphones at the same time? It’s a good one, too. Recording straight into your computer is a nice and easy way to run a podcast, and if you can get two co-hosts, recording on their own microphones, then the quality can be…

Samson Stage PXD1 Presentation Kit – A Podcasting Review

The Samson Stage PXD1 Presentation kit is made up of a lavalier mic (the Samson LM5), a beltpack transmitter, and a USB receiver. Lavalier microphones or ‘lav mics’ (also referred to as collar, body, or lapel mics) are most commonly associated with TV and film work. They’re really small microphones which pin to the speaker’s…

The iRig Portable Microphone | A Podcasting Review

You might not be keen on spending hundreds on a portable, digital recorder. “Can’t I just plug a mic straight into my smartphone?” Yes, you can! The iRig Mic is a hand-held condenser microphone compatible with most devices, i.e. iPhones and Android mobiles. Realtime Monitoring The iRig Mic dual mini-jack connector allows you to monitor your…

Blue Snowball | A Podcasting Review

Admittedly, I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Blue Snowball. I’m not an audio equipment snob. On the contrary, I’m all about lower costs, ease of set-up, and I’m always willing to accept that not everything is going to sound as good as a £1500 studio condenser mic. So I felt it was time…

The Gold Standard Podcasting Interview Set-up: Full How-To

In the introduction to this series, I talked about the benefits of having a top-class mobile set-up, either for podcasting interviews, or for co-hosting. If you have the budget for it, you really wont spending it on a kit that lets you record great quality audio, any place, any time. This is part 4 in the series…

Shure Beta 58A: A Podcasting Review

The Shure Beta 58A is a dynamic XLR mic and costs around £126/$150. The mic’s little cousin, Shure’s SM58, is a popular microphone amongst podcasters and musicians alike. There’s a noticeable price jump between the two, so we’re going to find out why – and if it’s relevant to podcasting. Who Would use the Shure Beta…

Neumann U87 Microphone – A Podcasting Review

The Neumann U87 is a pretty big deal in audio production circles. Ask any film sound or music producer what their favourite microphone is, and most will tell you it’s the U87. Having said that, not many people own one. And that’s because they cost as much as some people’s car, at £1750/$3100! That’s a…

Heil PR40 Dynamic Microphone Review for Podcasting

This is a microphone review written by great friend of the Podcast Host, and founder of New Media Europe, Mike Russell. There’s a very popular microphone amongst podcasters, talked about the world over. That’s why, today, I’m happy to bring you my own Heil PR40 review, so you can decide if it might be the…


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