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Podcast Equipment: Choosing & Setup

Equipment doesn't make the podcast, but it's definitely fun to play with! We're gear geeks, just like you, and here you'll find all our reviews, roundups & setup guides. Looking for the best podcast equipment? This is the place!

podcast equipment guide

Podcast Equipment: The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting Gear

Struggling to find all of the equipment you need to create a podcast? Find everything here, from mics to mixers.

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The Best Podcast Microphones on the Market

The Best Podcast Microphones on the Market

Entry Level High Quality Pro Level Dynamic Vs Condensor How to Choose Podcast Microphones are always a hotly debated topic in our world. Every podcaster has their own personal favourite, and there’s a lot of debate of what level of quality you actually need to run a decent Podcast. Lots of Podcasts record with people…

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The Best Digital Podcast Recorders on the Market

The Best Digital Podcast Recorders on the Market

Why Buy a Digital Recorder? | Budget Level Podcast Recorders | High Quality Digital Podcast Recorders The most basic thing you need for any podcast is a recording device. Pretty simply, to create an audio file, you need to be able to record your voice! Recording devices take many forms, from really basic dictaphones to full-quality professional audio recorders. Most…

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The Best Podcast Mixers

The Best Podcast Mixers: Pros, Cons & the Ones to Buy

Do you NEED a podcast mixer? Nope! Do you WANT a podcast mixer? Almost certainly, yes! Find out the best, right here.


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podcast equipment

Choosing & Using Podcast Gear

The Podcast Host Academy has a series of courses which take you through the full range of podcasting equipment, from simple to Pro, so you can get top quality audio, every time!

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AKG C1000S Microphone: a Podcasting Review

AKG describes the C1000S as “The Swiss Army Knife of Microphones”. It’s certainly a popular mic among musicians for  recording both vocals and instruments, either in the studio or live. But is there a place for the AKG C1000S in podcasting? At the price of around $150/£100 brand it falls right between the “budget” category…

Neumann U87 Microphone – A Podcasting Review

The Neumann U87 is a pretty big deal in audio production circles. Ask any film sound or music producer what their favourite microphone is, and most will tell you it’s the U87. Having said that, not many people own one. And that’s because they cost as much as some people’s car, at £1750/$3100! That’s a…

Heil PR40 Dynamic Microphone Review for Podcasting

This is a microphone review written by great friend of the Podcast Host, and founder of New Media Europe, Mike Russell. There’s a very popular microphone amongst podcasters, talked about the world over. That’s why, today, I’m happy to bring you my own Heil PR40 review, so you can decide if it might be the…

Zoom H5 Review: The Ultimate Podcast & Audio Recording Tool?

If you’re looking for a pro-quality digital recorder with a tonne of flexibility, but at a decent price, then this article is for you. This is my Zoom H5 review, where I peel back the layers and show you whether this device is worth the money.   Try to imagine you have access to an amazing…

Are All-in-One Podcast Equipment Packages Worth Buying?

Today’s Podcasting Q&A comes from the US, and concerns a new podcasting package on the market. I’m emailing from Upstate New York and I wanted to thank you for providing all of this information; your ebook and website helped to answer many questions my partner and I had. I stumbled upon your website while looking…

Samson C01U Pro Podcasting Microphone Review

By Kevin Anderson After experimenting with the Adobe Voice iPad application to create animated videos, I could find only one problem. It sounded rubbish. I was using the internal microphone on my iPad Air to record my narration but it just wasn’t good enough. I did what I always do in such circumstances and turned…

My Podcast Recordings are Too Quiet, How Do I Increase the Gain?

I received a pretty common question today, but delivered in a really interesting way. Let’s have a look: I’ve committed myself to daily podcasts for a year and a day… offering meditations. I keep the window open and like to have the sound of the birds in.I don’t have time to mix or anything, neither…

The Shure SM58 for Face to Face Podcast Interviews or Co-Hosting

This is part 3 in the series –  Recording Professional Face to Face Podcast Interviews – One | Two | Three | Four | Five In this series of articles I’m looking at the gold standard equipment to use for recording audio, face to face. This means podcast interviews, or co-hosting a podcast in-person. We’ve…

Recording Professional Face to Face Podcast Interviews: The Equipment, Techniques & Approach

This is part 1 in the series – One | Two | Three | Four | Five I’ve covered how to record face to face podcast interviews before, showing how you can get decent results with just a small digital recorder and a couple of lavalier microphones. It’s a good low-cost setup, still, but there…

Zoom H5 vs Zoom H6 as a Podcast Digital Recorder: Which to Choose?

This is part 2 in the series – One | Two | Three | Four | Five As mentioned in the introduction to this series, we’re looking to cover the gold standard kit for recording face to face audio. This may be in co-hosting a podcast, or it may be in recording interviews. Whatever your context,…


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