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clean sound starts with clean equipment

Clean Sound Starts With Clean Equipment

We have a lot of terms in sound for “clean” that pertain to the quality of the sound you are recording or editing: clean, muddy, wet, dry, dirty. With all these terms used so frequently, it seems ironic that in the process of recording and our laser-like focus on the edit, many sound technicians, myself

Recording Live Music For Your Podcast

Recording Live Music For Your Podcast

Recording Live Music for your podcast is a cool and creative way of making content. However it requires astute planning beforehand. Imagine this; You’ve just turned up at a live event to record some, what will surely be, excellent content for your podcast. Uh oh! You open the bag and quickly realise the equipment hasn’t

What’s the Best Looking Microphone on the Market?

Though the aesthetic design of microphones has varied throughout the years, most have usually had one thing in common – they actually look like microphones. Traditionally, mics were always analogue in their build, and marketed towards niche groups, such as musicians. Nowadays though, the digital (USB) mic is every bit as popular as its analogue