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Sony MDR-7506 Headphones Review | No-Frills, Detail-Oriented Cans

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The Sony MDR-7506s are a pair of studio monitor headphones that have become omnipresent in the world’s recording and production studios. They’re a no-frills, simple as you like, pair of headphones that are made for listening to audio without the typical frequency response rollercoaster you might hear on a pair of Beats, for example.

sony mdr-7506 headphone reviewHeadphones for Analytical Listening

Many consumer headphones accentuate the high and low frequencies, meaning that you hear more of the bass and treble, with the mid range frequencies often dipped. So if you’re listening to modern music with plenty of bass and sharp snares then you’ll find a very rich sound.

But for podcasting, especially when editing and mixing, it isn’t always ideal to have these low and high frequencies being boosted. What you want is to be able to hear hissing, clicking, and background noise.

The clarity offered by the MDR-7506s is excellent for this. Any distortion or hissing can be easily heard, and this allows you to better identify and solve any problems there may be with your recording setup. This could mean changing some cables around, or using some targeted noise reduction when editing.

If you do choose to listen to music you’ll find a totally different soundscape coming at you. My previous pair of headphones for editing and recording were Sony MDR-ZX600s. These are a fantastically cheap and durable (6 years and counting) pair of headphones that are great for casual listening. When I switched to the 7506s I found music sounding a lot less bass-y, with far more detail in the mids and highs.

I’m talking about the music listening experience because, for most of us, our favourite songs are the best test to identify differences in headphones and speakers. We all have a few tunes that we know like the back of our hand (or should it be ear?). I found a lot of my bass-heavy hip-hop go-tos sounded like different songs all together.

Sony MDR-7506 with micBuild Quality

The construction of the 7506s lends itself more to studio-based listening. The all plastic construction is durable enough for your desk, but something a bit tankier and premium feeling would be better suited to the rough and tumble of the outside world. The large non-detachable coiled cable would be too bulky for on the go use. But when plugged into an interface or PC, it makes for a sturdier and more durable setup than a thinner, straight cable.

I have a large head, or so I’ve been told. The 7506s are not the most comfortable for those of us with oversized noggins. But they are far from inconvenient. Many other people have thought the same, so the aftermarket scene for replacement earpads is pretty huge. When you take into account the budget pricing of the 7506s it’s hard to begrudge a few more pounds for puffier ear cushions.


At the time of writing, you can grab a pair of Sony MDR-7506s on Amazon for around $75, or on Amazon UK for around £85.


The price of the 7506s is one of their biggest selling points. I picked mine up for £88. It would be hard to come by a more useful pair of headphones for less money. When you pair the pricetag with the clarity and utility of their sound, the Sony MDR-7506s are a sure fire first foray into professional headphones that will take your podcast recording and editing to a new level of polish.

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