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The Lift | Fiction Podcast of the Week

I only discovered this podcast last week, and have been really impressed by it. It's a fairly new show, having released its first two episodes (listed as pilot episodes) at the end of August 2015.

On the show's website it states that The Lift “was originally conceptualized by Daniel Foytik as an offshoot of the 9th Story Podcast due to the popularity of the show’s “mascot” Victoria. It is described by its creator as “Part Twilight Zone, part Fantasy Island, and all about story and characters. It should both entertain and challenge the listeners in new ways and provide the authors, artists, and musical composers with a great way to reach new audiences.”

What's it About?

theliftThe setting for The Lift is an old abandoned high rise building in Pittsburgh. The building is occupied by the ghost of a young girl called Victoria, who operates the elevator.

Each story leads a protagonist to the building where their own story is meshed with an encounter with the building, the lift, and Victoria. Here is the show's synopsis.

The hall is dark and the overhead light flickers. Sounds echo, and there’s a creaking and clanging which gets louder as you stand there in the semi-dark. 

The elevator opens and you’re offered a ride. 


The nine story building calls only to those who are meant to find it.

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A dark place whose original luster is now lost to time, the unlikely, old Victorian building sits overlooked by most on the edge of Pittsburgh. Originally built as a luxury residence for some of the city’s most well to do residents, it now serves a different purpose.

Within its dilapidated walls sits The Lift. Step inside and ride it to the floor chosen for your transformation.

Don’t be afraid for Victoria, the mysterious girl who operates The Lift, waits to guide you.

Choose well, or choose poorly, either will require great sacrifice.


Nine floors – each representing a different vice or challenge. Victoria will choose your story.

Meet your challenge head on, and be open to the possibility that things are not what they seem – in fact, you can count on that.

What Kind of Fiction Podcast is it?

It could be described as a creepy horror anthology with a theme. The execution of these stories is carried out by dramatic readings from a narrator, with Victoria's lines acted separately. The episodes and stories are also heavily soundscaped. This means that you never feel like you are being read to, and I quickly became immersed in each story I listened to.

What do I like about it?

There's many factors at work in The Lift and all seem to click together very well. The soundscape and general production values play a big role here. In the opening few seconds of my first listen my expectations grew rapidly as I heard the highly produced intro. The creepy atmospheric sound is backed up by some excellent musical compositions.

The voices of the narrators don't disappoint either, and some clever audio effects on the voice of Victoria gives her that ethereal feel. The tales themselves are solid and engaging, delivering a lot in a short space of time. If you like creepy short stories and highly produced audio you'll love The Lift.

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  1. Daniel Foytik on 13th February 2016 at 5:31 pm

    Thanks again for taking the time to review our show – Cindy and I appreciate it immensely, and we’re happy to know we have a new fan.

    As a huge fan of storytelling and original tales, I love the idea of there being a place I can go to find out about new story podcasts.

    Thanks for creating a place where we can find new shows to love!

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Matthew McLean

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February 8th 2016