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12 Blackened Petals | Fiction Podcast of the Week

Sound is a wonderful medium that allows the listener to develop their own visuals. It's your job, however, to fuel those visuals.

We’re big fans of audio drama and fiction podcasts here at The Podcast Host. As listeners we’re always looking for new shows to subscribe to, and as podcasters we’re always looking to help fellow creators grow their audience.

Because of this, we decided to compliment our Best Fiction Podcasts roundup article with a Fiction Podcast of the Week feature.

Each week we’ll pick the brains of someone who runs an audio drama or fiction podcast. We’re going to ask them what their show is about, how they go about making it, and what other fiction podcasts they’re currently enjoying.

This week we’re chatting to Brian M. Taylor, producer of the fiction podcast series 12 Blackened Petals.

Give us a written trailer for your show. Why should we listen?

12 Blackened Petals is a genre-bending thrill ride that combines a fantastical story, along with a theatrical soundtrack and sound effects.

This story introduces you to Sam, a young man that's so poor he keeps left over instant ramen in the fridge. One day, Sam's buddy Frank says: “help me steal this flower and you'll make a ton of cash.” Sam agrees, and in the heist they both get shot in the head and killed.

Sam's blood gets on the flower they were stealing, and that flower resurrects Sam with twice the maximum potential of any human ever. Twice as fast, twice as strong, and twice as smart. But, there's a catch. He's twice as angry and feels twice as much pain and emotion. This process compounds exponentially each time he dies.

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In the first 48 hours, Sam dies 3 times. He kills hundreds with his bare hands, gets into a fist fight with an angel, unleashes a murderous demon on the world, pisses off the American Military and accepts the job of becoming the one and only God almighty.

This story is full throttle.

Watch the trailer here

Why did you decide to start the podcast?

I wrote a great book and produced this amazing audiobook, but there was more to this story than could be read. I needed a way to deliver a fantastic experience and audio was the way to go. The podcast came about when I started to tell the side story of Tennin and Muriel – people loved the podcast format.

Also, I love the art of storytelling. When I first started the podcast…my audio skills were not so great. Now they're on point, and I get to tell stories that are powerful and stir the inner movies in peoples heads.

How did you come up with the idea?

This story took me years to build so I have no idea what the initial catalyst was. I just remember trying to create a character that was seriously powerful, yet painfully broken and flawed.

Can you give an insight into your process for writing the show?

I write this story in novel format. It takes about 8 months to write an entire season. I only release a chapter or 2 at a time. However the chapters don't fit the “classic” audiobook format. They're formatted in the way you watch a TV series or listen to a fictional podcast. Kinda like the old Star Wars audio dramas.

What about recording the show?

Recording the show takes a ton of work. Once everything is written, I have to record the VO. Next comes sound effects and soundtrack. The soundtrack can change moods several times in each episode, and the sound effects can be dozens of layers deep, according to what is happening.

And producing the show?

I have an awesome little studio these days. When I first started I only had a cheap mic and a closet. Now all production is done with quality mics and a strong computer. I use Adobe Audition for editing, and I publish on Podbean.

Could you tell us 3 other audio drama or fiction podcasts that you like?

  • We're Alive is awesome
  • Star Wars….all of them
  • I just started Limetown

What advice do you have for someone who wants to create a podcast like yours?

Write, record, repeat.

Fictional podcasting is a vastly underpopulated niche that needs YOUR story. People want a great story driven by GREAT CHARACTERS!!! Sound is a wonderful medium that allows the listener to develop their own visuals. It's your job, however, to fuel those visuals.

Remember, show….don't tell.

Finally, where can we find you on the web?



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Written by:

Matthew McLean

Matthew is an audio drama writer and producer who enjoys talking about podcasts. He makes the tea at The Podcast Host, and is a loyal servant of adopted house rabbits.

May 3rd 2017