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Fiction Podcast of the Week Listings

Fiction podcasts.  Otherwise known as audio dramas, radio plays and `the Theatre of Your Mind.'

I love them.  I started listening to them after my colleague Matthew introduced me to We're Alive, a post-apocalyptic survival story set in LA, California.  Here at The Podcast Host, we listen to wide range of programs, including audio fiction, and we've even been known to produce a few ourselves.

Podcasting in general, as you're no doubt aware, has gone from strength to strength in the past few years, and the audio fiction niche has grown with it.

Thanks to the internet and the falling cost of powerful technology – from microphones to editing software – there are plenty of audio stories out there now which rival Hollywood-level productions.

The List

Every so often, we'll review some of the fiction podcasts that we've enjoyed recently, and you can find them listed here.

We're Alive LockdownGreater BostonThe BehemothWitch Hunter ChroniclesThe Cleansed
It's About Time

There are literally so many great audio dramas out there that we'll never be able to cover them all, so apologies if we've missed out your favourite.

By all means, if there's one you love so much that you feel it's a crime for us to exclude it, get in touch with your own recommendations via the comments box below.  Happy listening!

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Written by:

Robert Cudmore

May 20th 2016