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It’s About Time | Fiction Podcast of the Week

Okay time for something a little more light-hearted this week. It's About Time is an entertaining comedy series which ran for two seasons between October 2014 and November 2015. It was created by Steve Cardinal and Charlie James, who also play the roles of the main characters (also called Charlie and Steve).

What's It About?

iatTime travel, but with a few twists. The main characters are new employees of the It's About Time Travel Agency, an establishment that (unsurprisingly) offers it's customers the opportunity to take holidays at any point in history. The hapless pair are initially unaware of the agency's real business model, but it doesn't take long before they're off on adventures, bumping into characters like Vlad The Impailer, Henry VIII, and many more.

What if you had the power to travel through time?
Where would you go? What would you see?
What if you had no idea what you were doing?

What Kind of Fiction Podcast is it?

It's About Time is an audio drama which uses a cast of actors, along with music and sound effects, to tell the story. There's no narrator, but the stories are very easy to follow. The two seasons each had 13 episodes, which were usually around 25mins in length. Each episode had it's own mini-adventure which is linked to the overall plot surrounding the series.

What do I Like About it?

There's a quirky humour in It's About Time that reminds me a bit of old cartoons like The Hair Bear Bunch and Count Duckula (though the plots are in no way similar). It's a very accessible podcast capable of lifting your mood on a less than great day. It's cleverly written and well put together. It also has a really catchy theme tune, so be warned.

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Written by:

Matthew McLean

Matthew is an audio drama writer and producer who enjoys talking about podcasts. He makes the tea at The Podcast Host, and is a loyal servant of adopted house rabbits.

February 29th 2016