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Fiction Podcasting

Fiction Podcasting

Here you'll find a huge range of Fiction Podcasts - from Horror to Sci-Fi. Find your next obsession here!

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A primer for Fiction Podcasts

does your podcast launch matter

Does Your Podcast “Launch” Even Matter?

For many aspiring podcasters, the podcast launch is the be-all and end-all. But this is one area of podcasting that gets way more attention and work put into it than it often needs. Firstly though, what do I mean by “the podcast launch”? There’s some really important parts to launching a podcast. The planning stages…

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4 ways to grow your audience

Promote Your Podcast: 4 Great Ways to Grow Your Audience

Some say that the only way to truly promote your podcast, and grow your audience, is to make a fantastic show. Most know that it’s not quite that simple. You can make a phenomenal podcast, but there’s no denying it: it’s a saturated market. Sometimes, no matter the quality of your podcast, it takes some…

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should I make a video podcast

Should I Make a Video Podcast?

When people think podcasts, they think audio. Podcatchers do have video capabilities though. A few podcasters have asked me whether they should do a video podcast. My answer? Probably not. Let’s dig into why. Why video? When thinking about why you might want to make a video podcast, think first about why you want to make…

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Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti Review: The Most Popular Starter Microphone for Podcasters?

In this Blue Yeti review, I want to find out why it’s one of the most popular starter microphones on the market for podcasters. At a cost getting close to £100/$125 it certainly isn’t the cheapest beginner microphone on the market, after all. You definitely don’t need to spend that much to start podcasting (check out…


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most popular

The Lift | Fiction Podcast of the Week

I only discovered this podcast last week, and have been really impressed by it. It’s a fairly new show, having released its first two episodes (listed as pilot episodes) at the end of August 2015. On the show’s website it states that The Lift “was originally conceptualized by Daniel Foytik as an offshoot of the 9th Story…

2016: The Year of the Fiction Podcast

A lot has changed in podcasting over the past five years. Back in 2010 I mainly listened to a handful of football shows. It was around that time that a friend suggested I check out a “zombie podcast” he’d been listening to. The show in question was We’re Alive, described as a “modern audio drama”.…

Halloween in your Headphones: Six Spine-Chilling Podcasts

Looking for something scary to listen to this Halloween? We’ve hand picked six very different podcasts that’ll keep you awake for weeks. And they’re all completely free. Whether ghosts, demons, genocidal aliens, zombies, satanic cults, or nightmare apparitions are your horror of choice, you’ll find them all lurking in the following shows… Warning, these podcasts can…


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