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The Thicket | Fiction Podcast of the Week

Don't allow yourself to get bogged down. Write segments that are do-able and then get them done. If you don't allow yourself the reward of a finished product, then you'll stop enjoying the process.

We’re big fans of audio drama and fiction podcasts here at The Podcast Host. As listeners we’re always looking for new shows to subscribe to, and as podcasters we’re always looking to help fellow creators grow their audience.

Because of this, we decided to compliment our Best Fiction Podcasts roundup article with a Fiction Podcast of the Week feature.

Each week we’ll pick the brains of someone who runs an audio drama or fiction podcast. We’re going to ask them what their show is about, how they go about making it, and what other fiction podcasts they’re currently enjoying.

This week we’re chatting to Ryan Daniel Dobson, Owen Shiflett, & Adam Lane of the ‘dramedy' series The Thicket.

Give us a written trailer for your show. Why should we listen?

The Thicket is a fictional podcast, hosted by journalist Bryce Derrickson, which explores the phenomena surrounding never-before-seen animals discovered in the wilderness area of Robbinsville, N.C.

When Bryce moves from Brooklyn to Robbinsville, he discovers a town fascinated by these animals and the local zoos that display them.

Each episode explores the entertaining personalities and odd curiosities in and around the wilderness area commonly known as “The Thicket.”

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Why did you decide to start the podcast?

The three of us all work in TV and Film; we were looking for a way to expedite the production of story. Visual entertainment gets so slowed down by all the production hurdles; it can often feel like a long wait to a finished product.

We liked the idea of closing the time-gap between conceptualizing a story and having a consumable product.

How did you come up with the idea?

Owen had been toying with the basis for the concept (never-before-seen animals popping up in a rural part of North Carolina) for a while. We got a kick out of the thought that no one ever suspects zoos are run by dumb charlatans, but they probably are.

That was funny to us; the idea that the same crude showmanship and narcissism that's present in politics or show business is also in zoos! Plus, “The Thicket” was such a good title; we just had to go with it.

Can you give an insight into your process for writing the show?

Generally we know a series of themes we want to address, and assign each theme to an episode.

Simultaneously, we've been brainstorming fun ideas for segments – which we then pair with those themed episodes. After that we each volunteer to write a segment.

What about recording the show?

That's definitely the fun part of it all.

The production of The Thicket has a lo-fi aspect to it, which makes recording low-stress. Each segment's needs are different, but generally we invite some actor friends over, put a ZOOM in the middle of the room, and just do it!

And producing the show?

Our editor, Neale Ross, does a great job of piecing together our takes based off the rough scripts we provide. From there it becomes a series of edits and notes to whittle the episode down to its most palatable form.

Could you tell us 3 other audio drama or fiction podcasts that you like?

Hello from the Magic Tavern, Limetown and Welcome to Night Vale.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to create a podcast like yours?

Don't allow yourself to get bogged down. Write segments that are do-able and then get them done.

If you don't allow yourself the reward of a finished product, then you'll stop enjoying the process.

Finally, where can we find you on the web?

iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud! Oh, and

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