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#LetsTalk2021 – Podcasting Contest Announcement

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What is #LetsTalk2021? In summary: 

  • #LetsTalk2021 is a podcasting challenge.
  • Entrants make a pilot episode along with a 60-second trailer for voting purposes. The podcast must focus on positivity and discourse.
  • All participants get access to free podcast training and Alitu, the all-in-one podcast maker app, for the duration of the contest.
  • Entrants share their submission via social media using the #LetsTalk2021 hashtag in order to gather votes.
  • Winners receive gear from Samson, a year of free access to Alitu, lifetime access to Podcraft Academy, and promotion to an audience of thousands.

Everywhere you turn, it’s seemed as though there isn’t much good news in 2020. The overall mindset has been negative. It’s felt as though every day, the cultural conversation becomes more negative.

We also know that dedicated action can have a ripple effect. What can we do to change the cultural conversation?

Podcasts can change minds.

Podcasters, and people who like podcasts, know that this can be done. A sliver of light in 2020 is that the demand for good podcasts has been expanding. Though work from home schedules caused a drop in some listener habits, other kinds of podcasts became more popular. Screen fatigue made folks more likely to listen to entertainment and news, rather than watch. Audio is an art form that can motivate or soothe. Advertising and media corporations are paying attention to listener trends, and investing in them. 

Where does this leave the rest of us? We’re the ones who have more at stake: stories to share, business to take care of, and conversations we need to have. How do we make an impact in the cultural conversation, and improve it for everyone? 

The Podcast Host and Samson want to help. 

How can you get involved? 

You may have tried starting a podcast before, or launched one, but lost momentum. Or, maybe you’ve always wanted to, but felt like it was out of reach. Possibly, there were audio resources you didn’t have, or know how to use. You can have high standards for excellent sound design, but not have the skills to make it come to life. 

We want to change that. The Podcast Host and Samson want to help close the distance between your creative ideas, and your podcast’s future impact. 

#LetsTalk2021 is a challenge for podcasters, whether they’re just starting out, or haven’t started yet. The goal is to create a pilot episode and a 60-second trailer for a podcast centered around positivity and discourse. All participants get free access to the Podcast Host’s 7-Day Bootcamp, a series of webinars designed to get you from the early stages to your first episode. They will also get access to Alitu, the all-in-one podcast making tool, free of charge, for the duration of the contest. The Podcast Host wants to eliminate obstacles, and make it easier for people to elevate our greater cultural conversation. 

Entrants can upload their pilot episode and a 60-second trailer for voting purposes, then share a link to their submission via social media using the #LetsTalk2021 hashtag, in order to gain votes. The submission with the most votes by the end of the contest period will be considered the winner of the challenge.

The winner of the #LetsTalk2021 challenge gets: 

  • a year of access to Alitu, 
  • lifetime access to the Podcast Host Academy,
  • a suite of podcasting gear from Samson, 
  • promotion by The Podcast Host and Samson to thousands of followers.  

Maybe you’ve felt like you have an important message to share with the world, but something keeps you back.You might feel like other people can make a podcast because they have something you don’t. That “something”  could be resources, skills, or confidence. The Podcast Host and Samson want to change that. We want to provide support and resources to people who want to share a message that lifts up others. There are people who want to hear what you have to say, and know what you want to share. Join #LetsTalk2021, and start a better conversation. 

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