Thanks for taking part in the workshop! 

I hope you enjoyed it – you’ll find the slides on the right to revisit. This is my website, The Podcast Host, where we publish anything and everything podcasting!

Hold your horses, though! Before you go off and explore, I wanted to give you some follow up resources from the workshop. You’ll find your “What’s Next” steps below – enjoy!

Podcasting Skills: From Novice Podcaster to Confident Broadcaster

Step 1: Sign up for the Equipment, Editing & Publishing Email Course

Learning how to Podcast ProperlyFirst stop is the email course I mentioned in the workshop: 5 Days to Your 1st Episode.

This’ll take you through all of the detail I gave you during the session, including:

  • Equipment & recording setups
  • Audio editing software & training
  • How and where to publish your show

Sign up for the Email Course

Step 2: Subscribe to PodCraft

The Podcraft Podcast

First stop is PodCraft, my ‘How to Podcast’ podcast. The 1st series is a 10 episode guide to getting started in Podcasting. It takes you through the process, from start to finish, launching with minimum fuss.

Then following series take you through more advanced stuff, eg. series 2 which is currently covering an A to Z of Podcasting equipment.

For beginners, work through S1 first, and for everyone else, join in now.

PodCraft website or subscribe on iTunes.

Step 3: Get My Podcasting Book

How to Podcast: A Simple GuideFor more tips, check out my book on Podcasting. It’s quite similar in content to the 10 day Podcasting course opposite, but it also includes some visual guides to Audacity. If you’re struggling to get to grips with Audacity then this could help a lot.

I realise some people prefer to have something to read too, so this could be a good complement to the audio guide above.

Click here to get the book.

Need more Personalised Advice or Detailed Courses?

The Podcast Host Academy - BoxMy team and I offer live coaching, as well as a range of video & written courses over at The Podcast Host Academy. On top of that, we have a community that supportive and resources and checklists that save a lot of time and stress.

If you’d like that extra support, and to be able to ask us questions, in person, every 2 weeks, click below.

Learn More About the Academy.