Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free

Tasks For Today

Video: Your Tasks

Preliminary Task

To start us off, I want you to start thinking about your podcast topic. Don’t worry, we don’t need the real detail yet – that’ll be covered in the next lesson.

But, note down here what your general topic will be, and what niche within that topic you might cover. 

Main task

Easy – subscribe to a podcast, if you haven’t already. You can’t be a Podcast producer without being a Podcast consumer – you have to get to know what’s good and what isn’t. 

Step 1

Get on iTunes, Stitcher or an app for your platform, and search through the directory for your own subject. Subscribe to 2 or 3 shows on a similar subject to what you’re looking to broadcast on.

Step 2

Find 2 or 3 more podcasts around hobbies you have: anything from knitting to craft beer.

Step 3

Get listening and start to develop some discerning Podcast tastes!