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No Music

Going Naked: No Music!

The first option is one that a whole lot of people skip right over in their rush to sound all fancy. And that option is to ignore music altogether! There’s really no need to have music on your podcast, particularly in the early days.

When you’re starting out, as I’ve said, the key is the content and the practice you get in delivering it. So, keeping it easy and sustainable at the start is a really big goal. 

To that end, why not go naked, record just your voice, and release that to the world with no editing at all? It’s the quickest, easiest and most sustainable way to podcast, and no-one will bat an eyelid at the non-musical intro. 

If you’re a small show, starting with a small audience, then think about it. Certainly in the first 5 episodes at least, where you’re still finding your feet, and a tone for your show.