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Free Music

Finding Free Music

So, you’ve decided you do want to include music – that does have a lot of benefits that make up for the added time you’ll need in editing. It’ll create an audio brand for the podcast, and it’ll make it seem more polished and professional. Assuming the music and editing is good anyway!

The first option for music is to find a tune for free. There are options out there for this, and the best one I’ve found is Incompetech

You can download the music from this site and use it in your own podcast free of charge, but only if you attribute the song. That basically just means giving the creator a credit at some point in your show, maybe in the outro for example. You should also include it on your website. You can find out what’s required here: Using Royalty Free Music.

The downside of this approach is that, because the music is free, it might not be the highest quality you can find, and you’ll find it all around the podosphere. Many podcasts will be using this music, so you certainly wont have a unique audio brand. 

For some more options, check out these websites:

This site has thousands of albums worth of music free to use for various purposes as long as you credit the creator. It’s mostly under creative commons licensing.

Has some good music loops and a number of sound effects.

Great for simple sound effects for any video project.