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Custom Audio

Custom Audio Branding

The final option is to have something custom made for your show. This means having someone create a voiceover introduction and produce a piece of music to deliver it. 

Custom intro and outro tunes generally use stock music as a base, but an even higher quality, more rarely used library. They also tend to “produce” the music, adding FX and stings, such as you’d hear on the radio, which makes it even more unique. Then, when you add the professional voiceover, you end up with something that’s really unique, just for you, and completely recognisable in the podcasting marketplace. That’s what constitutes an audio brand. 

The service I use for this is Music Radio Creative, run by Mike and Izabela Russell. Mike’s a radio professional and has been producing audio since Podcasting began. They’ll take your spec and work with you to create an introduction, an outro and various adverts, promos or stings for your show. 

The cost is much higher than the other options, between £120 and £200 depending on what you’re looking for, but the end result is amazing. Nothing else will make your podcast sound as professional.