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Artwork Specs

Video: Podcast Artwork Specifications

Podcast Artwork Specifications

First of all, let’s look at what we need. The artwork MUST be:

  • 1400px x 1400px minimum. 
  • 3000px x 3000px maximum
  • JPEG in the RGB colour space (PNG is allowed)
  • Contain nothing explicit
  • Contain no trademarked or copyrite elements
  • Contain no Apple or iTunes text or logo

We’re catering to the big dog of podcast promotion here: iTunes. But these specs will work for all other podcast directories too. 

In addition, the artwork SHOULD be:

  • Eyecatching, high contrast
  • Contain few words
  • Contain only large text
  • Describe the podcast well
  • Be recognisable at a very small size

These are recommendations, discovered through my own experience and others, on what makes a good piece of Podcast cover art. The key idea is to make your podcast stand out, and make sure the cover art is readable, understandable, even when shown in a very small size within the search results.