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Video: Your Tasks

Your Tasks

In this unit, your task is to edit your first episode. By the end of this activity, you’ll have your finished show, ready to release!

Here’s what to do:

Basic Editing Tasks –

  1. Install Audacity and LAME on your computer
  2. Import your audio recording into Audacity
  3. Cut off everything before your first word
  4. Cut off everythign after your last word
  5. Export the result as an MP3

Optional Editing Tasks –

  1. Import further voice clips, such as an interview or an introduction
  2. Import your music
  3. Use the multitrack editor and the timeshift tool to arrange music and all vocal clips in the right order
  4. Use the envelope tool to fade out the music at the right point
  5. Use Amplify to boost your audio to -2db.
  6. Export the result as an MP3