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Media Hosting

What’s Media Hosting?

The last thing to cover here is the concept of media hosting. If you’re self-hosting then this is something you’ll need. 

The first step in self-hosting is to buy basic web hosting. This stores your website files, and makes them available to the world. The only problem is that this isn’t an effective way to deliver your audio or video files. They’re too big for normal hosting, and many website hosting packages will shut you down if you start to get popular. 

So, to get around this, and deliver a great experience for your listeners, you need specialised media hosting. 

Media hosting is something that’s included, as standard, in an external podcast hosting package. So, whether you’re self-hosting or externally hosting, you’ll end up buying an external hosting package.

This is a little confusing, I know, but  if you’re self-hosting, you still need the external hosting package for the media hosting is provides. You wont be using the website aspect of the external podcast hosting. You’ll simply be uploading your media to them, and then delivering it via your own website.

Don’t worry, this is all covered in my podcasting websites course, so if you’re self-hosting make sure to head over there for the full process.