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Hosting Providers

Hosting Providers

Now, to the recommendations.

External & Media Hosting

Since you’ll always need external hosting, even if just for the media hosting it provides, let’s start there.

Two of the best providers out there are BluBrry and LibSyn. I use BluBrry for all of my hosting, and I love their service. The stats are excellent and the support they provide is really extensive. Libsyn is a great alternative too, however, and always gets a great write-up from their users. 

If you’re self hosting, then BluBrry is the clear choice. Blubrry run the indispensible Powerpress plugin, something you need to run your self-hosted podcasting website. Their hosting integrates seamlessly with the plugin and makes publishing your new shows easy as pie. Setting up Powerpress to work with Blubrry hosting is easy as pie, and is covered in the Podcasting Websites course.  

If you’re externally hosting, then you could go with either option. Libsyn may have the edge here as they seem to provide more options for the podcasting website you would set up on their service. Again, I’m not a big Libsyn user, though, so worth talking to the Libsyn team if you want to explore that further.

*UPDATE: Right now, Libsyn have a similar WordPress plugin in Beta which may make publishing with them a little easier. I’ll update here with that tool once it’s been tried and testing. 

Website Hosting

If you’re self hosting, you also need web hosting. For this I use Bluehost. Take the Podcasting Websites course and you’ll find a really simple guide to setting this up.

The Best of Both Worlds?

The final option is one which I provide, so I don’t tend to recommend this one very strenously. This course is about getting you set up in the best way possible, and not about selling my own services.

The managed hosting that I provide does suit a particular niche, though, so let’s take a quick look.

I provide a service which offers your own podcasting website with a whole lot of control, but which is managed for you. We can install plugins on request, apply edits to themes, and really customise the site to suit you. That means it offers most of the flexibility of a self-hosted site, but my team takes care of the maintenance.

It’s definitely not the cheapest option out there, but it might be worth a look if you’re running a business and are happy to pay for a full service option.