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Your Tasks

Video: Your Tasks

Your Tasks

So, that’s the effective launch plan. Promotion tactics can get more in-depth later, once you have a larger audience and a lot more content to promote, but for now, that’ll get you started really simply and quickly. 

I’ve launched succesful podcasts on those tactics alone, and I can guarantee they give the best bang for your buck in the early days. 

They actually work damn well even once you’re established. A show that’s 50 episodes in can still benefit from a competition, or a bit of interview networking. They can certainly benefit from simply asking their audience for the favour of a referral. If you have loyal fans, then they’ll be more than happy to oblige. 

So, your tasks, in order of importance:

  1. Build Hype: Pick a date a little in advance of your launch, preferably 4 weeks, and start building hype about the show. Email/tweet/facebook your audience to build the anticipation. 
  2. Record 3 to 5 launch episodes: Create episode zero, plus 2 to 4 more, so that it encourages multiple downloads from new listeners. 
  3. Ask for the Favour: once you’ve launched, ask everyone to subscribe, review and then refer your show to someone else. 
  4. Interview: Schedule some interviews for your first 10 shows, or at least try to feature some prominent people in your niche. Let them know about it. 
  5. Run a competition: Choose a prize, and then promote the competition. If you can include a social sharing element, then all the better. 

I hope that gives you confidence if getting yourself out there in the early days. Good luck!